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How Design Thinking Can Change Cybersecurity

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Design thinking has emerged as a new area in cybersecurity. Chief information security officers (CISOs), in particular, need to know how to apply design thinking to deliver more user-focused security solutions in their organization.

Starting a Career in Cybersecurity. United States Cybersecurity Magazine


Cybersecurity is a very large field, filled with many specialized jobs that require a large variety of skills. Though it seems silly to point this out, it is sadly necessary to state that "cybersecurity expert" is not an actual job title. The hardest part of getting a cybersecurity career is knowing how each individual component works. For example, if you want to be a security analyst, you might have to understand coding, cybersecurity law, binary exploration, and reverse engineering. So how is one to start delving into all these facets?

Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap


That's how many unfilled cybersecurity jobs there are expected to be by 2021 -- more than the entire population of Iowa -- according to Cybersecurity Ventures. It's also up from 1 million in 2016, a 250% increase in five years, at a time when cybersecurity is becoming even more vital to protecting our way of life. The industry has been talking about this talent gap for some time, but the speed at which the problem is growing is startling. And unless we do something to address the issue, things will keep getting worse, putting not only the future of the cybersecurity industry at risk but jeopardizing the safety of millions of individuals, businesses, and institutions worldwide. To cure the problem, we must first understand the root cause.

Volkswagen, Israeli group form car cybersecurity firm

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SAN FRANCISCO – When cars can talk to the Internet, hackers can talk to cars. Which is why Volkswagen has become the latest in a string of companies entering the automotive cybersecurity realm. The German company is collaborating with three former employees Israel's Shin Bet intelligence agency, including Yuval Diskin, the agency's former head, to found CyMotive Technologies. The new automotive cyber security company will be 40% owned by the automaker and 60% by the Israeli group. It will be based in a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel and Wolfsburg, Germany, home of Volkswagen.

5G and AI could increase cybersecurity risks


A large majority of cybersecurity and risk management leaders (83 percent) believe that developments in 5G wireless technology will create challenges for their organizations. A new report from UK-based cybersecurity specialist Information Risk Management (IRM) shows that among the top 5G-related concerns are greater risk of attacks on Internet of Things networks, a wider attack surface and a lack of security by design in 5G hardware and firmware. The study also finds that 86 percent of respondents expect artificial intelligence to have an impact on their cybersecurity strategy over the next five years, as AI systems are integrated into core enterprise security functions. The top three AI applications that respondents say they would consider implementing as part of their cybersecurity strategy are network intrusion detection and prevention, fraud detection and secure user authentication. The report points out that AI in cybersecurity can be a double-edged sword.