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Google just made it much harder to build a serious quantum computer

New Scientist

Google is racing to create the first quantum computer capable of solving a problem ordinary computers cannot – and it has just made that challenge much harder. Achieving "quantum supremacy", as it is known, involves building a device that can solve a problem faster than any non-quantum computer.

How to Watch Google's Big Announcement Today

TIME - Tech

Google's annual I/O developer conference begins Wednesday. Many are expecting Google to unveil a new virtual reality headset, a smart home hub similar to the Amazon Echo, and more details around the next version of Android. This will also be the first Google I/O conference with Sundar Pichai as CEO of the company. Google will be livestreaming the keynote here, which begins at 10 a.m. The company also has a list of all other sessions and events from the conference that will be livestreamed.

Google Makes Its Special A.I. Chips Available to Others


A few years ago, Google created a new kind of computer chip to help power its giant artificial intelligence systems. These chips were designed to handle the complex processes that some believe will be a key to the future of the computer industry.

What is… Artificial Intelligence?


In the ever-changing world of high-tech gadgets and gizmos, a whole load of jargon is thrown our way that many of us don't necessarily understand. In our regular series, What is…, we'll tackle a tech term and explain what it means so you can understand it a bit more. Here we explain Artificial Intelligence, a developing computer science which is causing some controversy. In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling computers to do things like humans, especially the ability to think, learn and react like we do. AI was once something only imaginable in sci-fi movies, but in recent years it has increasingly become a reality.