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Finally learn to code with this bundle of 27 courses


TL;DR: Get access to courses on Java, Python, and more with the Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle, on sale for $59.99 as of Nov. 14. Coding is an in-demand skill across practically all industries. And depending on the languages and frameworks you learn, you have the potential to boost your in-demand skills even further. You could dive deep into one programming language from the get-go, but you're more likely to find a language you actually like if you start more broadly. This Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle will introduce you to 15 different programming languages and frameworks -- from JavaScript and Java to Python and Swift.

Pay what you want for this Java course bundle


Java is among the easiest programming languages to learn, making it perfect for those just starting out. And, now virtually anyone can become an expert with The Java Master Class Bundle, offered for a fraction of its normal $960 value. The Java Master Class Bundle includes ten courses that introduce students to the Java coding language. They'll learn the syntax, discover how to program applications, and even earn valuable certificates for each course completed. And, since it's a Pay What You Want offer, they could get it for an amazingly low price.

Master key web development languages with $35 master class bundle


There was a massive drop in recruiting in the months following coronavirus restrictions. Surprisingly (or perhaps, unsurprisingly), recruiting for engineers and developers increased as a result of companies transitioning to remote work. With more people working from home than ever, companies had to rethink their business models and hired developers to tackle new projects. Here's a great lineup of gift ideas and resources to get you started. Even in the midst of a pandemic, knowing how to code increases your odds of securing and retaining employment.

Master plenty of chess openings with a $30 course bundle


As of April 13, get the three-course package for only $29.99. If binge-watching Beth's adventures in chess inspired you to learn the game yourself, this bundle of courses on chess openings is your ticket to mastery. It features three courses, 60 lessons, and over 31 hours of content on openings -- and how to develop a winner's mindset. You'll start with a course that teaches you to expand your idea of an opening move. The next course helps you build a pro-level opening repertoire and level up in general as a player.

Master digital marketing with this heavily discounted course bundle


TL;DR: The 2020 Full Stack Digital Marketing Certification Bundle is on sale for £29.06 as of Sept. 3, saving you 98% on list price. While you can always learn to code and build websites, there are definitely other ways to make good money on the internet in 2020 – like digital marketing, for example. Digital marketing professionals are crazy in-demand these days, and you can make a solid starting wage using the digital platforms you're on every day. You just need to learn all the hidden tricks lying beneath the surface. Since digital marketing has expanded pretty drastically over the past few years, you're going to need to know more than just how to set up an Instagram account.