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Twitter meme 'knows a spot' for some absolutely terrible dates


With the coronavirus pandemic keeping us home for the past few months, going on dates and visiting new places have become but distant, fond memories. A new Twitter meme is now softening the sting of social distancing, reminding restless singles that, even if we could go out, trusting your date to bring you somewhere spectacular usually isn't as romantic as it sounds. In the meme, Twitter users jokingly call people out for claiming to "know a spot," the phrase suggesting they're taking their date to an exciting surprise location for some private time together. However, instead of an intimate restaurant, secluded beach, or shady park, the inept Romeo takes their partner to a markedly less conventional date spot. SEE ALSO: Hilarious meme demands to know what's preventing men from looking like this While some are still sweet or merely unexpected, most locales in the meme are more upsetting, underwhelming, or abstract.

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