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Apple MacBook Pro UK price pushed up £500 by Brexit-related currency chaos

The Independent - Tech

The new MacBook Pro was always going to be expensive. But it is very expensive indeed in the UK, after the prices were shifted because of the falling pound. The computers are as much as £500 more expensive than previous models, because of a combination of the currency changes and the upgrades introduced by Apple. Buying the cheapest version of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar that was released yesterday will cost customers £1,749. Customers can spend as much as £2,699 on stock models of the computer, if they buy the 15-inch version.

New Apple MacBook Pro drops much-loved startup sound, along with lots of old features

The Independent - Tech

There's not much that hasn't changed in Apple's Macs over the last 20 years. But one thing has stayed: the distinctive chime that plays when you turn them on. But the new MacBook Pro, released last week, will no longer make that sound. And it appears to suggest that the noise – which arrived with the iMac G3 in the late 90s – is on its way out. The new computer doesn't make any sound at all when it's turned on.

Apple AirPods release date delayed because wireless earphones aren't 'ready', company says

The Independent - Tech

The future isn't ready to arrive just yet. Apple has announced that its AirPods – the wireless earphones that the company were set to release this month – aren't "ready". The AirPods were first unveiled along with the iPhone 7 at an event last month. And the two were part of the same pitch – just as Apple had done with dropping the headphone jack, the AirPods were meant to signal that the company was ready for the wireless future. The AirPods built from the ground up for Apple's new vision of listening.

iPhone 8 might finally bring wireless charging that works, report claims

The Independent - Tech

Apple is trying to introduce wireless charging into the next iPhone, according to reports. Rumours have long swirled around the iPhone 8 – even before the iPhone 7 was released this year. Reports have suggested that Apple is planning a major redesign for the new handset, which will mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, which might include an entirely glass body and a screen that takes up all of the front of the phone. And new reports suggest that Apple is currently exploring the possibility of adding wireless charging modules to the next phone, too. That would mean that it would just need to be set down on a special surface to charge it – in keeping with Apple's commitment to keep moving towards a wireless future, which it stressed when it dropped the headphone jack from the iPhone.

Apple's new MacBook Pro accidentally almost entirely revealed ahead of big Mac event

The Independent - Tech

Apple has accidentally revealed what appear to be the headline features of its brand new MacBook Pro. The company is holding an event this week where the new computer is expected to be revealed, potentially alongside some other new Mac products. But it might have accidentally shown its hand too early, accidentally unveiling the new computer in hidden screenshots in the new version of macOS. Buried within the files of the updated operating system are a set of photos that appear to be intended to serve as part of the guide of using the computer. Scavengers have already found their way into those resource files and found information about the new computer.