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What is Cloud Computing ?


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Big Mart Sales Prediction Project Tutorial


This post is the day 2 post of my '10 days of machine learning projects' tutorial series. If you are new to my blog then you can check out Day 1 post here. Without wasting any time let's dive into our today's tutorial. It is always a good idea to generate some hypotheses before proceeding to any data science project. We can separate this process into four levels: Product level, Store level, Customer level, and Macro level. You can generate more hypotheses, these are some hypotheses that I think should be.

Building and Labeling Image Datasets for Data Science Projects


Using standardized datasets is great for benchmarking new models/pipelines or for competitions. But for me at least a lot of fun of data science comes when you get to apply things to a project of your own choosing. One of the key parts of this process is building a dataset. So there are a lot of ways to build image datasets. For certain things I have legitimately just taken screenshots like when I was sick and built a facial recognition dataset using season 4 of the Flash and annotated it with labelimg.

Tutorial of Data Visualization in R


Today, we are going to provide you some practical examples of Data Visualizations in R. Data Visualization is the tool of Data Scientists to tell a coherent story about their data and their statistical inference. Generally, I strongly suggest following Edward Tufte's Principles. He also mentioned 5 principles related to data ink. In order to apply good Data Visualizations we need also good tools, and R is the best programming language for this. Generally in a Scatter Plot, we represent data in 2 Dimensions.

Using Kaggle in Machine Learning Projects


You've probably heard of Kaggle data science competitions, but did you know that Kaggle has many other features that can help you with your next machine learning project? For people looking for datasets for their next machine learning project, Kaggle allows you to access public datasets by others and share your own datasets. For those looking to build and train their own machine learning models, Kaggle also offers an in-browser notebook environment and some free GPU hours. You can also look at other people's public notebooks as well! Other than the website, Kaggle also has a command-line interface (CLI) which you can use within the command line to access and download datasets.