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New Nest Cam works outdoors and can decipher a burgular from a dog


Nest is finally releasing a new product, an outdoor version of its connected security camera. The 199 Nest Cam Outdoor takes the guts of the Nest Cam and puts them into a slick new weatherproof shell. The white metal casing is designed to withstand the elements and comes with a 25-foot power cord and a magnetic base to mount it. Aside from the rugged design, the main new feature is a software update that adds Person Alerts. Using computer vision advances, the camera's motion detection can now differentiate between a person walking by and, say, a cat or errant shrub.

Nest's New Product Is an Outdoor Security Camera

TIME - Tech

Smart home company Nest unveiled Thursday an Internet-connected security camera designed for outdoor use, the firm's first hardware release since the departure of its high-profile chief executive. The 199 Nest Cam Outdoor, available for preorder immediately and on sale this fall, comes after founder and former CEO Tony Fadell left the company in June. Nest, which is owned by Google parent company Alphabet, says it has seen significant demand for an outdoor product, with 30% of users pointing their indoor cameras outside. The Nest Cam Outdoor's camera and power adapter are weatherproof, helping to protect against the elements. While other outdoor surveillance cameras can withstand adverse weather, Nest claims its device is one of few that include a similarly resilient adapter.

Nest debuts 'Nest Cam Outdoor' alongside new app & 'Person Alerts' feature - Artificial Intelligence Online


Today Alphabet-owned Nest is launching its latest product with the debut of the previously rumored Nest Cam Outdoor, as well as a redesigned app and new features. The most notable enhancement over the original, indoor-only version of Nest Cam is necessary weatherproofing for outdoor use. With a brand new, completely weatherproof industrial design created for permanent outdoor use, Nest Cam Outdoor extends security outside the home… The weatherproof design of Nest Cam Outdoor meets the demands of a broad range of temperatures and conditions faced by outdoor cameras. There's a 1080P HD camera that gives you a 130 view and night vision via 8 built-in infrared LEDs, and a built-in speaker and microphone for talking to those outside your home. The camera has a magnetic base that Nest says is for ultimate adjustability for viewing angles, but it also means someone can technically remove the camera from the base screwed into your wall.

Nest Cam Outdoor Fixes the Security Camera's Biggest Fault


All that fuss has overshadowed some genuinely great products, though. One of them, the Nest Cam, has just leveled up with a new, outdoor-friendly form. In a lot of ways, Nest Cam Outdoor is basically identical to the original Nest Cam (which itself is basically a rebranded Dropcam). It's one of the more capable home security cameras you can own, with 1080p video quality, 130-degree wide-angle lens, and a two-way speaker that lets you chat with interlopers. It's got a night-vision mode powered by eight infrared LEDs.

Nest is taking preorders on the Nest Cam Outdoor; expects to ship the camera in September


Nest Labs is taking preorders on a weatherproof outdoor version of its Nest Cam home security camera that will reach store shelves in September. Nest will also release a new version of its camera app at that time, delivering some of the same new features to Nest Cam Indoor and Dropcam users. As we've come to expect from Nest, the 199 Nest Cam Outdoor doesn't look like the typical outdoor security camera (take Reolink's RLC-410, for instance). It's closer in appearance to Netgear's battery-operated Arlo HD; and like that camera, it has a magnetic swivel mount that enables you to mount the camera on a metal surface--such as a gutter--without any screws and then position it to monitor the desired area. As Nest Cam product manager Mehul Nariyawala put it, "none of the existing cameras are designed in such a way that my wife will ever allow me to put one in our home."