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18 stocks that could rise 25% in '18

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President Donald Trump has signed into law a $1.5 trillion tax overhaul package. Trump touted the size of the tax cut, declaring to reporters in the Oval Office before he signed it Friday that'the numbers will speak.'

Mars Target Encyclopedia: Rock and Soil Composition Extracted From the Literature

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We have constructed an information extraction system called the Mars Target Encyclopedia that takes in planetary science publications and extracts scientific knowledge about target compositions. The extracted knowledge is stored in a searchable database that can greatly accelerate the ability of scientists to compare new discoveries with what is already known. To date, we have applied this system to ~6000 documents and achieved 41-56% precision in the extracted information.

Appalachian region looks to Asia to revive economic hopes

FOX News

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio – A slice of Appalachia along the Ohio River still struggling decades after losing manufacturing jobs in the steel, aluminum and glass industries to overseas competition is looking to Asia to revive the region's fortunes with a more pliable product -- plastic. A Thai chemical company and, more recently, its new South Korean partner, are taking halting steps toward building a multibillion-dollar petrochemical plant in eastern Ohio that would "crack" molecules of ethane, a byproduct of natural gas drilling, into the raw material used to produce plastic products. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has said the project, which would create thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent positions, would be a "game changer." Kasich said in an interview with The Associated Press that the cracker plant could draw in other companies much like Honda did after opening its Marysville assembly plant in 1982. "These hardscrabble areas would clearly be helped," Kasich said.

Nasa picks three drill sites for Mars 2020 mission

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Nasa has narrowed down its quest to find alien life on the red planet by pin-pointing three potential target sites for its Mars 2020 mission. The US space agency will send its Mars 2020 rover to one of three drilling sites - each selected for their potential to host extraterrestrial life. The automated robot rover will scan the surface of the chosen landing site before taking detailed pictures and collecting rocky samples to bring back to Earth. The American space agency picked the three potential drilling sites during a workshop with planetary scientists in California on February 10. The site with the most votes - the Jezero crater - was once home to an ancient Martian lake.

Professor Brian Cox thinks life may be found on Mars

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Future missions to Mars, like the one planned by Nasa for 2020, have a'high chance' of finding microbial life, according to Professor Brian Cox.