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The Latest: Evers Touts Pharmaceutical Plan With New Ads

U.S. News

Evers on Tuesday unveiled the ads featuring people talking about their struggles to pay for medicine they need. In one, a woman from Oconomowoc says she can't afford a pill that costs $200 a day that can help her fight kidney disease. In another, a woman from Onalaska with breast cancer says the cost of health care in Wisconsin is "absolutely outrageous."

Florida Will Sue Pharmaceutical Company Over Pension Losses

U.S. News

The state lost $62 million on shares of Valeant that were purchased between January 2013 and August 2016. A legal analysis alleges that Valeant officials embarked on a scheme to inflate drug prices and artificially boost sales.

Venezuela $5 Billion In Debt To Pharmaceutical Companies Offers Gold, Diamonds For Medicine

International Business Times

The cash-strapped government of Venezuela offered to trade gold, diamonds and coltan, a rare metal used in cell phones, to pharmaceutical companies the country owes $5 billion in exchange for medicine, according to the Wall Street Journal Thursday.