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Deep learning & neural networks in pytorch for beginners


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic currently out there - no doubt about that. Neural networks in particular have seen a lot of attention and they will be used everywhere -self driving cars, predictions in finance and sales forecasts - everywhere and across all industries. To be successful in the working world of tomorrow we have to expose ourselves to this interesting topic - and from my personal experience - coding your own neural network is the best way to understand how they work. "From my personal experience I can tell you that companies will actively searching for you if you aquire some skills in the data science field. Diving into this topic can not only immensly improve your career opportunities but also your job satisfaction!"

Why Deep Learning AIs Are So Easy to Fool


Deep neural networks excel at image recognition, but are easily hacked. A self-driving car approaches a stop sign, but instead of slowing down, it accelerates into the busy intersection. An accident report later reveals that four small rectangles had been stuck to the face of the sign. These fooled the car's onboard artificial intelligence (AI) into misreading the word'stop' as'speed limit 45'. Such an event hasn't actually happened, but the potential for sabotaging AI is very real.

Artificial Intelligence in 2019 – Towards Data Science


These are my opinions on where deep neural network and machine learning is headed in the larger field of artificial intelligence, and how we can get more and more sophisticated machines that can help us in our daily routines. Please note that these are not predictions of forecasts, but more a detailed analysis of the trajectory of the fields, the trends and the technical needs we have to achieve useful artificial intelligence. We will also examine low-hanging fruits, such as applications we can develop and promote today! The goal of the field is to produce machines with beyond-human abilities. Autonomous vehicles, smart homes, artificial assistants, security cameras are a first target.



"Read enough so you start developing intuitions and then trust your intuitions and go for it!" If you find a course that fits in any of the above categories (i.e. DL, ML, RL, CV, NLP), and the course has lecture videos (with slides being optional), then please raise an issue or send a PR by updating the course according to the above format.