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Artificial intelligence in digital pathology -- new tools for diagnosis and precision oncology


In the past decade, advances in precision oncology have resulted in an increased demand for predictive assays that enable the selection and stratification of patients for treatment. The enormous divergence of signalling and transcriptional networks mediating the crosstalk between cancer, stromal and immune cells complicates the development of functionally relevant biomarkers based on a single gene or protein. However, the result of these complex processes can be uniquely captured in the morphometric features of stained tissue specimens. The possibility of digitizing whole-slide images of tissue has led to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools in digital pathology, which enable mining of subvisual morphometric phenotypes and might, ultimately, improve patient management. In this Perspective, we critically evaluate various AI-based computational approaches for digital pathology, focusing on deep neural networks and'hand-crafted' feature-based methodologies.


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Professor Dame Sally Davies says she is "really worried" that without effective antibiotics, common medical procedures such as caesarean sections and cancer treatments could become too risky.


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Ellie, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma when she was 15, describes the symptoms of blood cancer.

Texas Firefighters With Cancer Often Denied Workers' Comp

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The Houston Chronicle reports that state figures show more than 90 percent of the 117 workers compensation claims filed by Texas firefighters with cancer have been denied in the past six years. Union officials say cities have ignored a state law requiring the government to presume that firefighters' cancers are caused by exposure to carcinogens on the job.



"Two UK universities are developing (…) #ArtificialIntelligence to diagnose breast cancer" "And the #MachineLearning #algorithm will use the doctors' feedback for further training and for continuous improvement of the detection tool across the UK." #oncology #ehealth #AI…