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4 Senators Push Resolution to Halt Trump's Border Emergency

U.S. News

The senators' move was the latest evidence that significant numbers of lawmakers are not shying away from a fight with Trump. He has threatened to veto Congress' effort to keep him from diverting billions of extra dollars for building the wall. It seems unlikely that the House and Senate could garner the two-thirds majorities that would be needed to override a veto.

Rep. Andy Biggs: Senate Republicans should reject Pelosi's ploy

FOX News

I urge my Senate colleagues who are planning to vote for Speaker Pelosi's rebuke of President Trump's Emergency Declaration to reconsider and reject her cynical and political resolution. I strongly urge the president to use his constitutional authority to veto the Pelosi legislation should it be passed out of the Senate. The Pelosi plan is cynical because it denies that there is an emergency on America's southern border. The drug and human trafficking that exists, and is increasing, is ample evidence that our problem is exigent. There is a tidal wave of people illegally crossing our border and a tsunami of drugs entering from Mexico.

U.S. Democrats Introduce Resolution Stopping Trump Border Emergency

U.S. News

"What the president is attempting is an unconstitutional power grab," Castro said in a conference call with reporters. He called on all members of Congress -- Democrats and Republicans -- to support the resolution terminating Trump's emergency declaration, saying it tramples on congressional authority and would set a dangerous precedent.

The Senate rebuked Trump's 'emergency' border wall, just not strongly enough

Los Angeles Times

The Senate gave final approval Thursday morning to a House-passed resolution to end the state of emergency declared by President Trump in order to steer billions of additional tax dollars to his pet project, a bigger, more extensive wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. It's the second rebuke to Trump in two days -- the body voted Wednesday to cut off U.S. aid to Saudi Arabia for the war against Yemeni rebels. But there does not appear to be enough GOP support for the wall resolution to overcome a certain Trump veto. That's because of members like Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), who either do not recognize the principle at stake or do not care about it. The resolution passed, 59-41, with 12 Republicans joining all the chamber's Democrats and independents in support.

Democrats and Republicans Debate the Legitimacy of Trump's Border Crisis

The New Yorker

On Tuesday, Congress began considering a resolution that would end the national emergency that President Trump has declared at the southern border in order to secure the funds to construct a border wall, which Congress has repeatedly denied him. The resolution is certain to pass the Democrat-controlled House, likely to pass the Senate, and all but certain to fail a veto-override vote once Trump inevitably rejects it. Debate began around noon, with a speech by Representative Norma Torres, of California, who compared Trump to Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro and argued that the emergency declaration amounted to creeping authoritarianism. Speaker," she said, "we cannot allow this President, or any President--Republican or Democrat--to take us down the same path of Venezuela, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. All to build a wasteful and ineffective wall along our southern border." Representative Rob Woodall, of Georgia, kicked things off on the Republican side with a speech noting the speed with which Democrats advanced the resolution. "A minute and six seconds it took to read the resolution before us today, Mr. Speaker," he said. "And that's a minute and six seconds longer than this resolution has been considered in total in every committee throughout this Capitol." He went on, "You heard my colleague talk about how critical this resolution of disapproval is as it relates to our constitutional powers.