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LG ThinQs gadgets are all about artificial intelligence


LG has begun this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the way the show is expected to continue all week: the Korean electronics giant talked about almost nothing other than artificial intelligence the entire time.

A look at the new cool Viv AI assistant It's a Gadget


The creators of Siri have announced a brand new creation from their brilliant minds, the artificial intelligence assistant named Viv. Now the creators behind it have moved on to the next stage. Viv is a more advanced AI that works by connecting to multiple sources of information and drawing responses right from the pools of data themselves. No more regurgitating web search results; this assistant is smarter, sleeker, and more accurate. Not to mention more knowledgeable, with the ability to jump from source to source to bring back the best possible answer.

The 'artificial intelligence' in your new smart gadget may not be what you think


Walk the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show, or browse gadgets online, and you might hear that a gizmo has, or uses, AI. Artificial intelligence is a broad, catchall term, and so it can be hard to know what it actually means for a product to have AI. Does it mean you can talk to it, and it talks back? Can make decisions on its own? Is going to lead a robot army to harvest the organs of everyone you know?

This Curtain-Opening Robot Isn't As Convenient As You Think


My wife and kids were perplexed by my excitement as I gathered them by the window to unveil a mysterious new gadget. With all eyes on the curtains, I tapped a command on my phone. The room was heavy with anticipation. After an agonizing 10-second delay, the left curtain jerked open in spurts. A few seconds later, the right curtain tried to join in but moved less than an inch and made a very unpleasant, high-pitched whine that lasted about 30 seconds. Why would you need a robot that automatically opens your curtains anyway, they asked.