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'Wheel of Fortune' contestant loses $7,100 for mispronouncing 'flamenco'


To appear on a game show is to set yourself up for a potentially embarrassing situation. But Wheel of Fortune contestant Jonny has really gone above and beyond. Here's the scenario: Jonny has all the letters he needs on the board. In fact, he has the full phrase. The board says "flamenco dance lessons."

Five stand out moments of Love Island so far

BBC News

Whether you're out for a cuppa with your mum, in a Whatsapp chat group with your mates or glued to Twitter, there are two words dominating many conversations this summer: Love Island. The ITV2 reality TV show has grown a dedicated following with audience figures showing around 2.1 million tuning in to watch each episode. For those who haven't seen it before, the show throws 13 singletons into a villa where they couple up in the hope a blossoming romance develops. The public usually has the pick of who stays on the Love Island with the winning couple receiving a £50,000 prize. Fans will know that if you get hooked then it is a major commitment in your life, with the show on every night of the week - including a weekly-round up of the best bits.

'Elementary' Season 5 Spoilers: Episode 21 Synopsis Released; What Will Happen In 'Moving Targets'?

International Business Times

Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) will investigate the murder of a reality show contestant in Season 5, episode 21 of "Elementary." According to the synopsis for the episode, titled "Moving Targets," Sherlock and Joan suspect that the victim was murdered by another competitor on the same game show. "We're looking for a sore loser on a game show," Sherlock says in the trailer for the episode. "Million dollars is pretty strong motive for murder," adds Marcus (Jon Michael Hill). Sherlock and Joan, however, may have a hard time catching the murderer as the synopsis reveals that the perpetrator of the crime is a war criminal who may be the most skilled killer the crime-solving duo has ever pursued.

Marathon runner surprises girlfriend with proposal at finish line

FOX News

It was a fairy tale moment as marathon runner, Johnny Black, proposed to his girlfriend, Kathryn Keir, after finishing the Edinburgh Marathon. Black had just crossed the finish line as Kathryn recorded the moment on her phone. To Kathryn's surprise, Johnny was wearing a custom made shirt with the words, 'Kathryn, will you marry me?' on the front. Johnny came away from the race with a medal and a brand new fiance. This is the heartwarming moment a marathon runner proposes to his girlfriend at the end of the race - wearing a t-shirt reading'Will you marry me?' The keen runner had a personalized top made which read: "Kathryn, will you marry me?" on the front and "Popping the question if and when I reach the finish" on the back.