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Transcepta Network Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Transform Accounts Payable and Procurement Processes


ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 6, 2017) - Transcepta, an artificial intelligence-driven platform providing brands with faster, smarter and more accurate procure-to-pay connectivity and collaboration, offers a range of solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that deliver efficiency and profit gains for clients. The company's supplier network and associated applications are part of the broader trend of AI shaping not only high-tech applications, but also changing how companies make decisions. Transcepta offers a suite of services for clients and their suppliers that use machine learning and predictive analytics to improve accuracy, transaction delivery speed and decision making. Transcepta leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to create systems that are self-improving through the continual addition of data inputs over time. Its services are helping to streamline processes and boost the bottom line for some of today's leading companies.

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Business Billing and Invoicing Software Solution


We move over $52 billion in B2B payments annually, so we take financial security seriously. Our bank compliance, data security, encryption, and fraud prevention are optimized to the highest industry standards. And with 3 million network members, we're here to stay.

Streamlining Accounts Payable With RPA - Top Use Cases & Benefits


Managing finance and accounting processes specifically accounts payable (AP), is one of the most challenging areas for businesses across industries. This is largely because most of the accounting departments in different organizations still rely on manual employee intervention and paper invoices to process payments.

5 Benefits of Automating Your Accounts Payable


As we move forward in the era of digital transformation across all segments of businesses, change can be difficult for everyone, and highlighting the benefits of such transformations is critically important. For example, despite the ease of working with online tools and software, most accounts payable departments continue to process and review invoices manually. Below are five reasons why it makes sense to streamline your processes with accounts payable automation and begin your digital transformation journey. Anytime you type or write by hand, there is a possibility you will get a number wrong. One of the main job responsibilities of an accountant is to check and then double-check for simple math errors.

Webinar Replay - Exploring RPA and AI in Accounts Payable


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