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Google Cloud gets dedicated AI management platform


Google Cloud is offering users access to an AI platform that allows them to build, deploy, and manage AI projects in the cloud without needing extensive data science knowledge. Isik said the platform has been created to bring the benefits of AI and machine learning to smaller organisations, for whom adopting AI can be a daunting challenge if you lack the skills and resources available to Fortune 500 businesses. "My team of data scientists saw a real need for software that could democratize machine learning innovation by removing these common barriers," he said in a statement. The platform also includes lifecycle management capabilities to monitor infrastructure utilization and model behavior. According to, the intuitive user interface and predictive analytics in its platform allow users to get set up in minutes and have models up and running in three to four weeks, as opposed to months for existing ways to build and deploy machine learning models.

Paris-based machine learning startup raises €1.5 million


The rail company's fund is managed by VC firm Hi Inov. Bpifrance, the government-backed investment firm, and Net Venture also participated in the round. "Funds will be used to accelerate our development and our commercial exposure," said a spokesperson. It is currently launched with a select few customers and the company will now focus on large scale deployment. Sectors it serves include transportation, insurance, and energy.

CES 2019: Discover some of the french AI startups - Actu IA


More than 420 French startups are showcasing their products and technologies at the CES. However, discovering those who focus on AI technologies might be difficult because they are mostly grouped by regional delegations. DC Brain: DC Brain works on AI applied to smart networks (smart grid, smart logistics,…). ESoftThings: ESoftThings develops products and platforms for autonomous vehicles and smart devices. Meero: Meero uses AI to automatically improve images and videos quality.

Top companies represented by Kaggle Grandmasters


Described as the Airbnb for data scientists, Kaggle is a crowdsourcing platform for aspirants to nurture, train and challenge their learnings. The search for "Kaggle" has increased by 55 percent over five years, and the platform has over 8 million users across 194 countries. While the platform trains several aspirants, it also has many established data scientists. Analytics India Magazine analysed the top 100 Kaggle grandmasters as of April 2022 to explore the top companies represented by them. Here's the latest breakdown of what users do on Kaggle.

4 Machine Learning Trends that Made 2017 – Zelros AI – Medium


We started 2017 by a technical blog post -- that turned out to be very popular among the data science community -- and an innovation prize, awarded by our pairs. As 2017 is almost ending, we wanted to close these amazing last 12 months with some of our thoughts on what is currently happening on the AI field. Here is a review of the 4 most striking machine learning trends, noticed by our product R&D team this year. New Machine Learning frameworks are dawning. They are becoming more and more high level, to help users focus on applications and usage -- and offload them from low level tasks.