Report: 53 Journalists Killed Worldwide So Far in 2018

U.S. News

Journalists also have died this year in Slovakia, where 27-year-old investigative reporter Jan Kuciak was fatally shot while probing alleged corruption, and in Malta, where Daphne Caruana Galizia, on a similar mission, was killed by a bomb placed in her car. At least four journalists were murdered in Mexico, two in Brazil, and two Palestinian journalists were shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during protests in the Gaza Strip, according to the report.

A startup will bring Gucci to your door in 90 minutes (for some reason)


Thanks to a partnership with London-based fashion technology company Farfetch, you can soon get Gucci clothing and accessories whisked to your door within 90 minutes. Farfetch announced the partnership Wednesday, as the company showcases what it's calling "The Store of the Future" -- software and devices that aim to help luxury brands gather more information on customers in stores and online. Customers will be able to shop for select items of Kering-owned Gucci goods via Farfetch's app and website, and have those orders fulfilled within 90 minutes from Gucci stores in London, New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. The Gucci collaboration with Farfetch comes as competition heats up in online luxury. In a call with investors Tuesday, LVMH's chief financial officer Jean-Jacques Guiony said the world's largest luxury group would be the latest to ramp up multi-brand e-commerce, considering a new site for its luxury department store Le Bon Marché.

Uber is searching for a third city to test its flying taxis


Uber's flying taxi service was supposed to debut in Dallas, Los Angeles and Dubai, but its deal with the emirate fizzled out before tests could even begin. It still wants to trial UberAir outside the country, though, so it launched a search for a third test city in May. Now, the company has announced that it has narrowed down its choices for the third spot to five countries: Australia, Brazil, France, India and Japan. In particular, Uber seems to be considering Sydney or Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro or the state of São Paulo, Paris, Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, and Tokyo. On its website, Uber said that a good launch city has a population of over 2 million with a density of over 2,000 people per square mile, because those are the places that would benefit from an air taxi network the most.

Berlin protests halt Google plans: Will recruitment suffer?


Local protestors claimed a victory in their opposition to Google's plans to set up an urban business park in a poor district of Berlin -- it would have been its seventh "Google Campus" after London, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Seoul, and Warsaw. The district has long been known for radical and underground culture. Google spokesman Ralf Bremer told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper that the company "does not allow protests to dictate our actions." He said discussions with local humanitarian groups had instead led the firm to conclude that giving them the space would be the best solution for the area. CNN reported that protests against the 3,000 square meter (32,291sq.ft)

Barclays' Techstars Is Quietly Building A FinTech Empire

International Business Times

Since the dawn of fintech, London's historic financial hub has been the beating heart of the scene's niche ecosystem. But in a post-Brexit economy, the United Kingdom could be poised to lose its fintech crown. Tel Aviv, Israel; São Paulo and Singapore are just a few of the rising stars leading the future of high-tech financial services. So one of London's oldest banks, Barclays, is quietly diversifying and building a global fintech network. In May, the British banking giant announced it will establish Europe's largest fintech co-working space near its home base in London.