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Panthers' Olsen: Holding Out 'Wasn't the Right Thing to Do'

U.S. News

Olsen has two years left on his contract, but has outplayed his current deal in becoming the first tight end in NFL history with three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. He contemplated holding out until he received a better contract but ultimately decided against it.

'Lampard still learning - but is getting a lot of things right at Chelsea'

BBC News

Chelsea are not noted for giving managers time, but Frank Lampard is not in a position where he has to ask for patience, says MOTD2 pundit Alan Shearer.

Why some Californians thought not voting was the right thing to do

Los Angeles Times

To the editor: Whom is Steve Lopez kidding with his column on non-voters? The same people who promise one thing and then once in office do whatever their donors tell them to do? Voting isn't going to change a thing. Get the money out of politics and then you can tell people to go out and vote because our elected officials will be guided by voters, not the 1% who owns them.

'The Price Is Right' Makes Things Right With Alaska Winner

U.S. News

The game show "The Price Is Right" has changed its policy on not shipping Alaska contestants' winnings beyond Anchorage after a Bethel nurse was going to have to pay thousands of dollars to have her prizes shipped home.

The 3 interview mistakes you probably can't recover from


Nervousness goes with interviewing like scrambled eggs goes with hash browns. You pretty much always find them together. In other words, everyone I know--myself included--walks out of the conversation feeling a little iffy. Even if, one one level, you know you did a great job; there's another part of you that's questioning if you used that industry phrase correctly. But, as the saying goes, we're our own toughest critics.