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Donald Trump Couldn't Get a Job in His Own Administration, According to His Own Administration

Mother Jones

Donald Trump's transition team needs to hire more than 4,000 new staffers to run the next administration, and the website for applicants contains a dire warning for anyone who thinks he or she can mix personal business with public business. "Consideration is taken for possible conflicts of interest," the website declares. "Financial holdings and sources of income must be disclosed. Any conflicts must be remedied by divestiture, the creation of special trusts, and other actions." That would disqualify Trump himself from serving in his own administration, as his conflicts of interest are numerous and he has steadfastly refused to remedy the matter, even though some of these conflicts apparently violate the Constitution.

Is peace in Yemen within reach?

Al Jazeera

It could be the best chance yet for peace. Yemen's Houthi rebels and Saudi-backed government delegates are in Sweden for UN-sponsored talks to end the conflict. The murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has increased the pressure on the kingdom to end its military campaign in Yemen. Saudi Arabia along with the UAE launched their offensive in 2015 to support the internationally recognised government of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi after Houthi rebels took control of the capital Sanaa. Since then, the conflict has killed tens of thousands of people and left more than eight million facing famine.

Mozambique conflict: Why are US forces there?

BBC News

"When you hear these accusations of civilian casualties involving private military contractors, it reflects badly on the government," says Emilia Columbo, a senior associate at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Lebanon's New Government to Stay Out of Syria and Other Conflicts

U.S. News

Washington had urged it to uphold that after the Iran-backed Hezbollah group gained more influence with another seat in cabinet. Despite the disassociation policy, the heavily armed Hezbollah has for years been fighting in Syria alongside President Bashar al-Assad.