How to Use Video Marketing as a Lead Acquisition Strategy


Videos have emerged as one of the most popular content formats for lead generation in recent times. A study published by Software Advice found that video content delivered the highest quality of leads to B2B businesses--the quality of leads delivered exceeded those generated by sales rep demos and free trials. So why exactly are videos so effective in generating leads, and how do you maximize your ROI from your campaigns? Videos deliver a higher level of engagement among viewers compared to text, and even images. Studies show that our human brain processes videos nearly 60,000 times faster than text.

Ring: Amazon aids smart home push by closing video-doorbell firm deal

The Guardian

Amazon's reported $1bn acquisition of video-doorbell maker Ring has closed, giving the company a significant lead over rival Google in the potentially lucrative home security market. The deal, announced in February and closed today, means Amazon now owns a leader in DIY video security systems. Ring makes popular wireless doorbells with cameras and a range of home security cameras, recently launching a wireless home security system with keypads, contact sensors and motion detectors. Ring becomes Amazon's second largest acquisition to date, following its $13.7bn deal last year for Whole Foods Market. The financial details of the deal were not released.

A Compositional Framework for Grounding Language Inference, Generation, and Acquisition in Video

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

We present an approach to simultaneously reasoning about a video clip and an entire natural-language sentence. The compositional nature of language is exploited to construct models which represent the meanings of entire sentences composed out of the meanings of the words in those sentences mediated by a grammar that encodes the predicate-argument relations. We demonstrate that these models faithfully represent the meanings of sentences and are sensitive to how the roles played by participants (nouns), their characteristics (adjectives), the actions performed (verbs), the manner of such actions (adverbs), and changing spatial relations between participants (prepositions) affect the meaning of a sentence and how it is grounded in video. We exploit this methodology in three ways. In the first, a video clip along with a sentence are taken as input and the participants in the event described by the sentence are highlighted, even when the clip depicts multiple similar simultaneous events. In the second, a video clip is taken as input without a sentence and a sentence is generated that describes an event in that clip. In the third, a corpus of video clips is paired with sentences which describe some of the events in those clips and the meanings of the words in those sentences are learned. We learn these meanings without needing to specify which attribute of the video clips each word in a given sentence refers to. The learned meaning representations are shown to be intelligible to humans.

Facebook's latest acquisition is all about fighting video piracy


Facebook might be rolling out even more tools for video creators, but it still has a pressing problem: Folks passing off other people's video content as their own. To fight that piracy, the social giant has acquired Source3, a startup that will turn its IP-tracking powers to catch folks illegally sharing content across Facebook. The social network started clamping down on illegitimate video back in August 2015 when it introduced the Rights Manager. This tool automatically matched media for content shared without permission and identified the rights owners, who could request it to be taken down. Then Facebook took a different tack in April: Give content producers the option to keep offending posts up, but claim their ad revenue.

New AI Driven Video Marketing Platform Meets Accelerated Need For Digital Video Creative At Scale - Ad Tech Daily


The new platform uses artificial intelligence to help drive the transition from traditional marketing creative to digital-first, mobile video marketing for businesses of all sizes. Magisto for Marketers introduces Intelligent Marketing creative into Magisto's patented artificial intelligence engine – Emotional Sense Technology . This gives marketing professionals the ability to easily create marketing videos for a variety of disciplines including content marketing, product marketing, brand marketing and performance marketing. Magisto's new offering allows marketers to create multiple variations of optimized videos by use case, platform, audience, message, product and ROI performance. The AI technology incorporates easy-to-use editing styles designed for businesses, the ability to add custom branding to clone videos and to direct Magisto's AI to refine messaging and produce multiple A/B test creatives.