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Vimeo finally adds livestreaming to its set of video tools


Today, Vimeo announced that there is an agreement in place for its acquisition of the streaming company Livestream. It also launched Vimeo Live, which offers livestreaming solutions directly through the Vimeo platform. When the acquisition is complete, Livestream's tools will be available in Vimeo Live. Vimeo's CEO Anjali Sud has made clear that livestreaming is an important feature for the company. "Livestreaming is the #1 request from our creator community this year, and we're focused on bringing a new level of quality, convenience and craft to this evolving medium," she said.

Synaptics Completes Acquisition of DisplayLink


Synaptics Incorporated announced that it has completed the acquisition of DisplayLink Corp., a leader in universal docking solutions and high-performance video compression technology. The combination with DisplayLink, in addition to the recently completed acquisition of rights to Broadcom's wireless IoT connectivity portfolio, further accelerates Synaptics' long-term IoT diversification strategy and extends its video interface market leadership. "We are very excited to join forces with the DisplayLink team, the unquestioned leader in universal docking solutions," said Michael Hurlston, president and CEO of Synaptics. "We expect to combine their innovative video compression technology with our existing video interface products as well as our new wireless solutions to build a roadmap second to none." Synaptics is the pioneer and leader of human interface solutions, bringing innovative and intuitive user experiences to intelligent devices.

(VIDEO) Adobe's TubeMogul Acquisition Heralds Ad-Tech Consolidation

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TubeMogul's Wilson recognizes the need for consolidation. Back in June, he told Beet.TV: "I think what's actually happening is it's getting more fragmented, not less so. But there's also huge new platforms that didn't even exist a couple of years ago like Snapchat. So the implication for advertisers is it's getting more complicated and fragmented."

Facebook's latest acquisition is all about fighting video piracy


Facebook might be rolling out even more tools for video creators, but it still has a pressing problem: Folks passing off other people's video content as their own. To fight that piracy, the social giant has acquired Source3, a startup that will turn its IP-tracking powers to catch folks illegally sharing content across Facebook. The social network started clamping down on illegitimate video back in August 2015 when it introduced the Rights Manager. This tool automatically matched media for content shared without permission and identified the rights owners, who could request it to be taken down. Then Facebook took a different tack in April: Give content producers the option to keep offending posts up, but claim their ad revenue.

Viacom Acquires Video-Streaming Service Pluto TV WSJD - Technology

Pluto TV, which was founded in 2013, streams thousands of hours of content, including movies, news broadcasts and cartoons, Viacom said. The service has more than 12 million monthly users, according to Viacom, 7.5 million of whom are on connected TVs. Pluto TV's revenue is projected to rise to $150 million in 2019, mostly from digital advertising, according to a person familiar with the matter. The company competes with Tubi TV, among other video-content aggregators. Viacom's purchase of Pluto TV follows another acquisition aimed at bolstering the company's digital-video capacity.