For Holcomb: US Gets 3 Medals in World Cup Bobsled Opener

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For the first time in nearly two decades, the U.S. raced in a World Cup bobsled competition without Holcomb -- the three-time Olympic medalist -- on the roster. They took three of the six available medals Thursday, a silver in women's bobsled from the pairing of Elana Meyers Taylor and Lauren Gibbs, silver in two-man from Nick Cunningham and Ryan Bailey, and bronze from Codie Bascue and Carlo Valdes.

Jamaica's first women's Olympic bobsled team just made history


The Jamaican women's bobsled team made their Olympic debut on Tuesday, becoming the first women's team from Jamaica to take part in the competition.

You Can Find the Gravitational Constant with String and a Mountain


There are quite a few fundamental constants. These are things like the speed of light (c) the charge on an electron (e), and the Planck constant (h). These constants are determined with some type of interesting experiment. The first values of these constants were often difficult to find--the speed of light, for example, was calculated by tracking the moons of Jupiter. Of course, now we have much better methods to get a very precise value for the speed of light. We don't need to resort to moons anymore.

Nigeria's First Bobsled Team Running for Pride and Legacy

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The Bobsled and Skeleton Federation of Nigeria was formed. A GoFund Me campaign was created in 2016, and the team raised more than $75,000 in 14 months to pay for necessities like helmets, uniforms, travel and their first sled -- a wooden vessel affectionately named "The Maeflower." They began practicing in Houston, without snow.

Nigerian bobsled team hopes to make a push at history


To quote the 1993 cult classic Cool Runnings -- " Jamaica Nigeria we have a bobsled team." Three women want to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea as the first Nigerian bobsled team in history. Their efforts mirror Cool Runnings, the 1993 film loosely based on the first-ever Jamaican national bobsled team at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. "I actually started doing a little bit more research and learned that Nigeria did not have, in history, a sports team that represent bobsled," Adigun told Okay Africa. "So, I was like, 'Wow, that would be something that'd be very positive and very good for the country itself.'"