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Is A.I. Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? No. Nor a Fourth Grader. - Seattle Weekly


Every day in Seattle, Aristo takes a mostly multiple-choice fourth-grade science test. Aristo has been taking these tests since 2013, learning from mistakes and filling in knowledge gaps, but has yet to pass one. The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence on Lake Union's north shore has been working for three years on the program. Each day, Aristo's memory is wiped clean so it can't cheat by remembering past right and wrong answers. Each week, the tests--but not their difficulty level--are changed.

A breakthrough for AI technology: Passing an 8th-grade science test


Four years ago, more than 700 computer scientists competed in a contest to build artificial intelligence that could pass an eighth-grade science test. There was $80,000 in prize money on the line. Even the most sophisticated system couldn't do better than 60% on the test. AI couldn't match the language and logic skills that students are expected to have when they enter high school. But Wednesday, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a prominent lab in Seattle, unveiled a new system that passed the test with room to spare.

AI Can Pass Standardized Tests--But It Would Fail Preschool


Artificial intelligence researchers have long dreamed of building a computer as knowledgeable and communicative as the one in Star Trek, which could interact with humans in natural (i.e., human) language. Last week, we seemed to boldly go toward that ideal. The New York Times reported that a team at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) had achieved "an artificial-intelligence milestone." AI2's program, Aristo, not only passed but also excelled on a standardized eighth-grade science test. The machine, the Times heralded, "is ready for high school science. Melanie Mitchell is professor of computer science at Portland State University and External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. Her book Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans will be published in October by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. Aristo isn't the first AI system to shine on a test designed to gauge human knowledge and reasoning abilities. In 2015 one system matched a 4-year-old's performance on an ...

AI Aristo takes science test, emerges multiple-choice superstar


Aristo has passed an American eighth grade science test. If you are told Aristo is an earnest kid who loves to read all he can about Faraday and plays the drums you will say so what, big deal. Aristo, though, is an artificial intelligence program and scientists would like the world to know this is a big deal, as "a benchmark in AI development," as Melissa Locker called it in Fast Company. We mean, just think about it. Cade Metz, in The New York Times, has thought about it.

A.I. makes history by getting an 'A' on eighth-grade science test and passing 12th grade exam

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An artificial intelligence system has made history by being the first to pass an eighth grade science test with flying colors. According to The New York Times, researchers at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle Washington have cracked the code for test-taking computers. Its system, called Aristo, received a 90 percent score on an eighth-grade science test and passed with an 80 percent grade on a 12th-grade exam. An AI passed an eighth grade science exam with flying colors, marking a first for the technology. Scientists four years ago failed to get AI to achieve a passing grade.