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Dating profile photos should be picked by a stranger

Daily Mail - Science & tech

When it comes to your profile picture, a total stranger knows what's best for you, according to new research. Images selected by strangers convey a much more favourable first impression than images people select for themselves, according to the study. The findings contradict evidence which suggests that we portray ourselves in a good light in our profile pictures - instead it seems we're doing it all wrong. This participant selected the top, second from left photo for her professional profile picture but strangers thought she looked better in the bottom, second from left one. Researchers took 102 students and asked them to select two out of 12 photos of their face that they were most likely to use as profile pictures in three contexts - on social networks, dating sites and professional networks.

What does your profile picture say about you

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Choosing a new display picture is a tedious process but it dictates how people perceive you in the online world. Now a team at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, has discovered that images chosen by a stranger will likely produce more favourable reactions than one you choose yourself. Dr David White, lead author of the study which was published on April 14, said: 'Our findings suggest that people make poor choices when selecting flattering images of themselves for online profile pictures, which affects other people's perception of them. 'This effect is likely to have a substantial impact on online interactions, the impressions people form and the decisions they base on them, including whether to employ, date, befriend or even vote for someone.' So it makes perfect sense asking a stranger to choose your display picture; because they'll likely know how you best portray yourself.

How To Choose The Best Profile Picture? Let A Stranger Decide, Research Shows

International Business Times

Most of us now have more than one online social media platform that we frequent, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a plethora of other choices. Different as they may be, all these websites/apps have one thing in common: they all have a place for you to put your best face forward in the form of a profile picture. The internet is awash with stories and anecdotes of people trying to take and choose that perfect picture that forms the first impression on any visitor to their social media pages. But research published Friday shows we may not be the best judge of our own profile pictures, after all. In fact, the study on behavioral science said letting complete strangers decide our profile pictures could actually yield the best results.

Why Facebook users should let strangers choose their profile pictures

The Independent - Tech

A new study has found that Facebook users could be better off letting strangers choose their profile pictures for them. Researchers at the University of New South Wales Sydney, in Australia, conducted an experiment in which 102 social media users were asked to select 12 pictures of themselves from Facebook and choose the two they'd be most likely to use as a profile picture across a number of different sites. The participants' 12-picture selections were then shown to complete strangers, who were told to choose what they thought would make the best profile pictures. The I.F.O. is fuelled by eight electric engines, which is able to push the flying object to an estimated top speed of about 120mph. The giant human-like robot bears a striking resemblance to the military robots starring in the movie'Avatar' and is claimed as a world first by its creators from a South Korean robotic company Waseda University's saxophonist robot WAS-5, developed by professor Atsuo Takanishi and Kaptain Rock playing one string light saber guitar perform jam session A man looks at an exhibit entitled'Mimus' a giant industrial robot which has been reprogrammed to interact with humans during a photocall at the new Design Museum in South Kensington, London Electrification Guru Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart talks about the electric Jaguar I-PACE concept SUV before it was unveiled before the Los Angeles Auto Show in Los Angeles, California, U.S The Jaguar I-PACE Concept car is the start of a new era for Jaguar.

What your profile picture REALLY says about you

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Is your profile photo bright and cheery, or is it a brooding work of social media art? According to a new study, these distinctions contain key clues about your personality and can reveal whether you're conscientious, extraverted, or even neurotic. Using thousands of Twitter profile pictures, an international team of researchers found that personality traits can be accurately predicted based on differences in aesthetic and facial presentation. Is your profile photo bright and cheery, or is it a brooding work of social media art? According to a new study, these distinctions contain key clues about your personality and can reveal whether you're conscientious, extraverted, or even neurotic Each personality trait has a specific type of profile picture.