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New Hampshire Considers Safeguards Against Balance Billing

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The committee's recommendations were based on an assumption that the providers in question are out of network due to disagreements with insurers about payment levels, and they attempt to address providers' concerns about network adequacy requirements. The changes might make the bill more palatable to lawmakers, said Rep. John Hunt, a Republican from Rindge and chairman of the commerce committee. But some of providers affected by the proposal oppose it, he said, and its fate is uncertain.

New Kinds of Surprise Health-Care Billing

The New Yorker

Are you tired of medical providers sending surprise bills in the mail for services you didn't know weren't covered by your insurance? So are those of us who lobby on behalf of the health-care industry. Like you, we want to see more variety in the ways in which doctors and hospitals spring bills on patients. That's why, in addition to defeating a ban on surprise bills, we've pressured Congress to allow these new methods of surprise billing. A hospital administrator drives by your house and throws a brick with a medical bill wrapped around it through your window.

Kansas Couple Says Hospital Billing Scheme Spread to Others

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Missouri's auditor released a report in 2017 saying the hospital billed insurance companies for lab tests that didn't occur at the facility and received a cut of payments funneled to another lab company. The audit doesn't name Perez, but records show he's vice president of Florida-based Hospital Partners Inc., which the audit prominently mentioned.

Apple opens carrier billing in Japan, a day after Taiwan and Switzerland


Apple's direct phone billing plans are unfolding, with the company allowing Japanese users to opt to add their apps and music purchases to their phone bills. This makes Japan Apple's fifth market globally to get this payment method after Germany and Russia last year, and just a day after Taiwan and Switzerland launched on Tuesday. Direct billing is an additional payment mode for users, who have relied on credit cards and iTunes stored value cards in the past to make their virtual purchases. CNBC reports that customers with Japan's second-largest phone company KDDI will get the payment mode. Japan is Apple's third largest app store spender, behind China and the U.S..

Apple now allows users in Taiwan to pay for apps through their phone bills


Apple is quietly adding more modes of payment for iTunes, to cater to users who don't have or don't want to add a credit card to their accounts. On Tuesday, it started allowing users in Taiwan to pay for their apps, books and music through their phone carrier. So far, only Far EasTone users in Taiwan will get the option. This move makes Taiwan the fourth market globally and first in Asia to get this mode of payment from Apple. Apple started carrier billing in Germany in October last year, working with O2/Telefonica there, before expanding to Russia in December and Switzerland this year.