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Algorithm makes self-driving cars 'accident-proof', scientists claim

Daily Mail - Science & tech

An algorithm makes self-driving cars'accident-proof' as long as other human drivers on the road act responsibly, scientists claim. German researchers developed the algorithm with data collected from vehicles in the real-world and tested it in computer simulations. Assuming that other traffic drivers follow the rules of the road, the algorithm can take into account unexpected events, such as the appearance of cyclists. Autonomous vehicles can only be widely adopted once they can be trusted to drive more safely than human drivers. Therefore, teaching them how to respond to unique situations to the same capability as a human will be crucial to their full roll out.

Uber developing self driving bikes and scooters that automatically return to their charging stations

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Uber is developing self driving electric bikes and scooters that can drive themselves back to their charging stations after use. The firm is already hiring engineers for the project, which is calls'micromobility'. It is hoped that by returning to their stations themselves, Uber can avoid the problem of dumped scooters and bikes that have plagued current services. It announced the project at an Oakland event for teams racing self driving mini cars. 'Micromobility' autononomous scooters & bikes that can drive themselves to charging or better locations.

A Beginner's Guide to Self-Driving Cars – The Startup – Medium


Some call it a marvel of technology. Self-driving cars are constantly making the headlines. These vehicles, designed to carry passengers from point A to B without a human maneuver, are promised to bring greater mobility, reduce street congestion and fuel consumption, and create safer roads. Driverless vehicles are hardly a novel concept anymore, but what is really going on in the autonomous car industry? How do self-driving cars work?

Redefining 'Safety' For Self-Driving Cars

International Business Times

The event, in which no one was injured and no property was seriously damaged, attracted media and public attention in part because one of the vehicles was driving itself – and because that shuttle had been operating for only less than an hour before the crash.

Jaguar Land Rover unveils technology to let 4x4 vehicles navigate across mud and snow

Daily Mail - Science & tech

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