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You can take an online course on how to host your own online course


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Did you know you can make money by teaching online courses? There's literally a Coursera class on just about every topic these days, whether it's Cryptography taught by a Stanford professor or Academic Listening and Note-Taking at UC Irvine. It's great that so many people want to learn in an accessible way, especially if you're an instructor, but how can you ensure that the class you're offering is one people will want to take? Consider taking a course in How To Create An Awesome Online Course (so meta).

Become a Photoshop pro from your couch with this online course that's on sale


Next, you'll get a foundation in black and white photography, using the curves tool, adjustment layers and the histogram tool to create stunning images that make everyone look beautiful. Next, the Colorization course will teach you how to add the perfect accents with its included practice photos, templates, and coloring cheat sheets. And finally, an accelerated Photoshop course will show you how to create effects on photos and text, so you can make all your images look professionally done. Normally, each one of these courses could be purchased for about $60 each, but we've bundled them all together in the Mashable Shop for a total price of $41.

Learn how to play piano for less than $20 by taking an online course


If you didn't like piano lessons as a kid, then you might be missing out. Chances are, playing the piano has been on your bucket list for some time now, but you don't have the time or energy to sign up for lessons. This online class, appropriately called Learn How to Play The Piano, can help. The course is available 24/7 and features nine modules (a total of 12 hours of content) that will take you from beginner to tolerable piano player in no time. First, you'll learn the importance of middle C and how to play with your right and left hands separately.

Learn how to create your own online courses for sites like Udemy


Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. There are plenty of online courses that will teach you things like coding languages, cryptocurrencies, and how to establish your own start-up. But if you have expert knowledge in a specific field or area of interest, then you may want to create your own online course. The Udemy Online Course Creator is an online class that teaches you about just that: how to host your own online classes.

Big data and robotics: A long history together ZDNet


Although online education has been around for nearly 20 years, I still see a number of common mistakes among online course developers. Here are the top course design mistakes in online education and how to avoid them in your courses. Too much content When I hire someone to design an online course, I invariably get too much content. Developers will assign over 150 pages of dense, academic reading per week, along with websites and other resources. Covering all of this content would take far more time than can be expected of students, leading them to pick and choose what they think is important, not what the course developer thinks is important.Read more Top Online Course Design Mistakes;