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Salt Lake City's bright five-year-old Oliver Shafer makes a TORNADO in his home laboratory

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Science lessons are sometimes criticized for being dull. But this adorable five-year-old is attempting to liven up the topic with some practical videos and his latest offering has taken the internet by storm. Oliver Shafer, from Salt Lake City, Utah, captured footage of himself creating a home-made tornado in a jar before explaining how real ones work. In the video, which has received a whopping 853,000 views on YouTube, the youngster begins by talking through the items needed for the trick to work. Oliver adds some unintentional humour to the clip while explaining that adult supervision is required before he sets about filling up a jar with water.

Kids are happy to share, provided they aren't forced to

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Parents who have tried in vain to prise a bag of sweets from their child's sweaty fist may disagree. But children are actually happier when they are sharing with others – provided it is their own idea. When they feel pressured into it, children are less cheerful about giving away their treats, psychologists have found in a new study. Children are actually happier when they are sharing with others – provided it is their own idea. Researchers looked at the responses of three and five-year-old children during a sharing task.

Westminster's Newest Dog Breeds Strut Their Stuff

National Geographic

A pumi is seen during a New York press conference to announce the new breeds eligible to compete in the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The three new breeds added to the competition were the American hairless terrier, the sloughi, and the pumi--an ancient Hungarian herding breed. Supermodels of a different breed--make that breeds--have been strutting their canine stuff in New York since Sunday, delighting onlookers with their jaunty gaits, perfectly coiffed coats, and heart-melting charisma. They've been in town for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the crème de la crème of canine competitions, whose Best In Show winner was announced last night: A five-year-old female German shepherd named Rumor. The annual Madison Square Garden event--at which dogs are judged for their agility, temperament, physique, and overall exemplification of their breed--has understandably been a longtime favorite for dog lovers.

Will Artificial Intelligence Defeat Cancer? Industry Leaders Magazine


Cancer, the single most feared diagnosis imaginable, is being tackled by some of the biggest companies in the world using the most formidable weapon: à la artificial intelligence. In fact, the milestones we have hit in past two years in diagnosing rare forms of cancer using clinical data, has stumped the scientific community. At the University of Tokyo's Institute of Medical Science, IBM's Watson matched a patients' symptoms against 20 million clinical oncology studied. In the western world, Google and Amazon are helping scientists analyze genetic data. Both, Google Genomics and Amazon Web Services, are offering analytical functions of the cloud to help scientists make sense of genomics data.

Irwin baffles Steve Harvey

FOX News

Robert Irwin is quickly making a name for himself -- but during his latest television appearance, the young Wildlife Warrior left the host completely confused. The youngest Irwin appeared on "Celebrity Family Feud" along with Terri and Bindi Irwin and his Aussie accent proved a little too strong for host Steve Harvey. "Something a five-year-old might ask a bank to loan him money to buy," was the question for the famous family. Robert was quick to respond. "A car!" he yelled out enthusiastically in his Australian accent.