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10 Days of No Code Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp


The no-code AI revolution is here! Do you have what it takes to leverage this new wave of code-friendly tools paving the way for the future of AI? Businesses of all sizes want to implement the power of Machine Learning and AI, but the barriers to entry are high. That's where no-code AI/ML tools are changing the game. From fast implementation to lower costs of development and ease of use, departments across healthcare, finance, marketing and more are looking to no-code solutions to deliver impactful solutions. But groundbreaking as they are, they're nothing without talent like YOU calling the shots... Yes?! Then this course is for you.

A-Z Machine Learning using Azure Machine Learning (AzureML)


"The course is really very complete. In my case I did not know anything about the subject. However, the teacher explains so well that I was able to understand and complete all the topics. The teacher also answers the questions quickly and kindly. Machine Learning is one of the skills which is in high demand.

Creating Winning Business Models based on Machine Learning


Know the key concepts of Machine Learning. Learn how to create disruptive business models based on Machine Learning. Every few years, there is a technological trend that leads to the creation of thousands of startups and/or new businesses. At present, we can say without any doubt that one of these trends is Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence). To put it in context, McKinsey (one of the leading Management Consulting companies worldwide) tells us that Tech giants including Baidu and Google are spending between $20B to $30B on AI, with 90% of this spent on R&D and deployment, and 10% on AI acquisitions.