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Introducing Google AMP Stories, A Whole New Way to Read WIRED


A few years ago, WIRED dedicated an entire issue to examining how the smartphone had changed the world. That change continues to evolve: Starting today, if you're using Google to search for something, your results may include a selection of "AMP Stories," including some from us at WIRED.

Google Launches AMP Stories To Bring 'Story' Format To Mobile

International Business Times

Google has announced AMP Stories, the company's newest addition to its Accelerate Mobile Pages on the web. Like Snapchat or Instagram stories, AMP Stories bring in the same format when delivering news and other updates from online publications.

Google's DeepMind now learning by challenging Atari


Google's London based DeepMind has developed a training method to teach artificial intelligence how to play video games, on the Atari platform.

Google launches free-to-use platform to learn with artificial intelligence


New Delhi: With the possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing an increased role in daily lives in the time to come, Google has sought to educate people on how best to understand and work with machines through an easy-to-learn platform named'Learn With Google AI.' Google has said that the …

Google Researchers Are Learning How Machines Learn


Jeff Clune, a professor at University of Wyoming who now works in the A.I. lab at the ride-hailing company Uber, called this "artificial neuroscience.