Cute and creepy adventure game 'Fe' hits Switch in 2018


A year ago, Electronic Arts kicked off its indie publishing program EA Originals by announcing an intriguing gem: Fe, created by studio Zoink from Gothenberg, Sweden. The wordless adventure game follows a woodland creature as it roams a geometric, stylized wonderland. Today at Gamescom, we got another trailer and great news for Switch fans: The game is coming to Nintendo's console in early 2018. Fe arrives to the Nintendo Switch in Early 2018 and is being developed by @EA Originals! While the first footage we saw at E3 2016 showed promise, today's video threatened some seriously heartwarming adventure.

This is not your parents' camera tripod


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The New Film, The Lost City of Z, Celebrates Adventure

National Geographic News

Writer/director James Gray's adventure epic, The Lost City of Z, follows British explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) through his many voyages into the unknown jungles of the Amazon in the first part of the 20th century. Leaving his wife, Nina (Sienna Miller), behind in England, Fawcett and his aide-de-camp, Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson), disappear into a world few Europeans had ever experienced to uncover a lost land no one anticipated. In adapting David Grann's bestselling nonfiction book of the same name, Gray was fascinated by Fawcett's unquenchable spirit of adventure and exploration. "Here was a person for whom the search meant everything," explains Gray. "His dream of finding an ancient Amazonian civilization sustained him through unimaginable hardships, the skepticism of the scientific community, startling betrayals and years spent away from his family."

Why Is April The Giraffe Live Stream Ending? Animal Adventure Park Promotes Baby Alligator

International Business Times

Sad news for the millions of people who watched April the giraffe on the live stream set up by Animal Adventure Park in February: The zoo announced the cam would go dark Friday at 4:30 p.m. EDT. They made the official announcement Thursday. "We will all be there to say goodbye. The future plans will be announced next week of when and how you can check on baby," the park wrote. "All is well and baby continues to gain!

'Trap Adventure 2' Might Be The Most Infuriatingly Difficult Game Ever

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

The free iOS app "Trap Adventure 2," on the other hand, is not about happy endings. It is a cold reflection of the real world. Not only is death inevitable, but it feels at times like the world is actively trying to kill you.