iPhone 7 'No Service' Issue: Apple Launches Repair Program To Address Problem

International Business Times

Apple is addressing the "No Service" problem of some iPhone 7 units that owners have been complaining about through its new repair program.

Implementing Troubleshooting with Batch Repair

AAAI Conferences

Recent work has raised the challenge of efficient automated troubleshooting in domains where repairing a set of components in a single repair action is cheaper than repairing each of them separately. This corresponds to cases where there is a non-negligible overhead to initiating a repair action and to testing the system after a repair action. In this work we propose several algorithms for choosing which batch of components to repair, so as to minimize the overall repair costs. Experimentally, we show the benefit of these algorithms over repairing components one at a time.

The 8 Best Auto Repair Apps and Websites for the Service Drive


There are plenty of auto repair websites and apps that can make your life easier – and your business more profitable. The number of websites and apps geared towards auto repair businesses is staggering. How do you know which ones are worth your time? The auto repair apps and website found on this list are an excellent place to start. Each entry has been tested and approved by automotive service professionals, just like you.

HomePod repairs cost nearly as much as a new speaker


If you're getting a HomePod, be sure to place it somewhere safe... depending on what you break, it might be expensive to get a fix. Apple has updated its support pages to reveal that an out-of-warranty HomePod repair will cost $279 (£269). Throw in the shipping fee ($20 US, or £13) for a mail-in repair and you're not far off from the price of a brand new smart speaker. This is one of those times where the AppleCare extended warranty ($78 if you include the incident fee, or £68) may be the better value, at least if you're in a household where an accident is a real possibility.

3 home repair products everyone should own, all on sale right now


Your home is likely the place you spend most of your time. It's only right that you take good care of it. But if a piece of furniture breaks or you spring a leak somewhere, your first instinct might be to call a repair person right away. Do you really want to spend hundreds of greenbacks on something that you can fix yourself, though? Why not unleash your inner handiness and mend it on your own?