Officials: Valve Failure Leads to Large Hydraulic Oil Spill

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State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection official Jeff Chandler says crews returned to the scene after reports of oil sheen on the Naugatuck River. Chandler says a large portion of the oil has already moved downstream and is not recoverable.

Introduction of glazed tile roll forming machine China Roll Forming Machines Supply and Manufacturer


Glazed tile roll forming machine is divided into three parts, the roller forming part, pressure part, cutter part.The roller forming part is driven by the motor, and the chain drives the rollers to rotate.Pressure type is the hydraulic cylinder to drive the mold up and down, you can press the color steel into many sections, the shape of glazed tiles. Cutter part is the hydraulic cylinder to drive the tool up and down, you can cut off the color steel.The production process is as follows: color steel plate into the roller forming part, forming to the pressure part, pressed into a section of the distance, the cutter is responsible for fixed length cutting.Control introduced the implementation of some inverter drive motor, hydraulic station motor, pressure of the two hydraulic solenoid valve, cutter two hydraulic solenoid valve. The detection part has the following steps: detecting the pulse length of the color steel tile, the upper and lower stroke switch of the pressure type, the upper and lower stroke switch of the cutter, the up and down operation button of the pressure type, the upper and lower stroke button of the cutter, the emergency stop switch,and many more.PLC to meet input and output requirements.With KDN text screen, you can complete the parameter settings, alarm display, help information, production data display and so on. Equipment parameters are: single pulse length, overshoot, pressure type, pressure type time, cutter time and so on.User parameters are: number of sheets, length, first section, distal, pitch, section number and so on.Glazed tile roll forming machine control system can complete the veneer cutting function.The characteristics of the control system:The control system is simple to operate, the normal automatic production does not need to first back, but a forward, pressure type, cutting is completed.High precision, each piece of cutting accuracy of less than 0.1mm, to meet the technological requirements.The program is stable and reliable. If you want to know more detail about the "Glazed tile roll for ming machine",you're welcomed to contact with Dan.

Hydraulic Press Gets Schooled By A Dictionary

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You'd think he'd have learned after the paper exploded. But the guy behind the popular Hydraulic Press Channel on Youtube, Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta, decided to put paper products to the test again and crush a dictionary. At one point, after the dust clears he laughs ruefully and says he didn't connect his glass shield to the frame of the press because "I didn't think the book is very dangerous." In a game of Rock, Paper, Hydraulic Press, we'll choose paper every time. Sign up to receive our weekly email newsletter and never miss an update!

Hydraulic press meets its match against a Finnish-English dictionary


The Internet enjoys watching things get destroyed, but what happens when a hydraulic press finds a worthy opponent? Unlike a more obvious candidate like a Nokia phone (which tragically didn't stand a chance), a hefty Finnish to English dictionary refused to go gentle into that good night. The dictionary does end up with some battle scars, but it takes the camera and nearly the hydraulic press itself down with it. You fought well, Finnish dictionary. Mom completely loses it when she finds out she'll be a grandmother Senator rallies support for Clinton by awkwardly crooning'She Works Hard for the Money'

Watch A Hydraulic Press Crush A Hydraulic Press Crush A Hydraulic Press

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The neat and noisy Hydraulic Press Channel has been crushing it on YouTube lately, showing us what happens when you put random objects inside a hydraulic press. Bowling balls shatter, hockey pucks blow a gasket, and fruit salad makes a mess. But today the pressers have decided to go a bit meta, crushing a hydraulic press inside a hydraulic press inside a hydraulic press. Watch (and listen!) to the video above for the effects--it's pretty amazing. It's a cool video, but watching metal frames bend like flower stems isn't as explosively exciting as watching that hydraulic press fold a piece of paper.