There Is a FinTech Startup for Almost Any Bank Service


There are many more examples of collaboration in various segments, but that is not the focus. What is important here is that major institutions are going after the FinTech startups that are able to facilitate or substitute certain services in their value chain in a more cost-effective manner. If we were to decompose a bank, there would be a FinTech company that can substitute each service the bank provides. However, a single'problem' remains – banks are still holding our accounts. In the most fatalistic prediction, a bank would be a back office organization maintaining an account, which is utilized by various FinTech companies providing their services.

The Most Fabulous Fintech Trends and Predictions for 2019


At this time of the year there are many articles and reports outlining fintech predictions and fintech trends for 2019. So in this post, i thought i would share some of the best articles and provide a quick overview of the highlighted fintech trends and predictions. Please refer to the links for full details and explanations of the fintech trends. Ref: Tech trends 2019: 'The end of truth as we know it?'

Asia's fintech VC funds hit 2.6B in 1Q


Funds raised by venture capital-backed fintech companies in Asia climbed to US 2.6 billion in the first quarter of 2016, up from just US 500 million in the previous quarter. This significant increase was fuelled by a couple "mega" funding rounds, comprising at least US 1 billion, that went to China's JD Finance and, according to a report jointly released by KPMG International and CB Insights. The Chinese market contributed US 2.4 billion of the region's fintech funding as well as 49 percent of the world's total. Across the globe, investments in private fintech companies reached US 5.7 billion in the first quarter. This included US 4.9 billion, which went to VC-backed fintech companies across 218 deals, the report stated, representing a 96 percent increase over the same quarter in 2015.

Global FinTech Conference India, February 23-24, 2019


Are you into Blockchain, Ethereum, HyperLeder, Zcash and AI and hungry to learn from the best? Take part in the exploration of the Global FinTech universe! Focusing on in-depth talks, hands-on workshops, and finding new opportunities, Global FinTech Conference provides space for everyone to exchange, share and grow your idea together. Last December, Global FinTech Conference brought 250 attendees from all over the world to New Delhi, and since then, the crowd has been gathering at Blockchain Developers meetups tailored for the most passionate part of the Blockchain community. Early 2019 will see the conf on full blast – join us and you're in for a ride.