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Audi: Autonomous cars alone won't solve traffic jams


It's easy to think that once cars start driving themselves most of our traffic woes will be eliminated. Robocars are supposed to be better drivers and better driving should mean less gridlock. Unfortunately, that drop in bumper to bumper hell won't be as big as we all hoped, according to Audi's research. At Audi's Charged event (where it will unveil the E-Tron), the automaker gave Engadget a sneak peek at its latest 25th Hour Flow research. The company (along with Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and Munich's MobilityPartners) peered into the future to see how drivers and passengers can reclaim time thanks to autonomous driving and mobility options.

Mercedes drove around the globe to train its autonomous cars


On a rainy September day in Frankfurt Germany, Mercedes-Benz executives and I got in a specially built semi-automated S-Class to track our drive to Stuttgart. It was the first leg in a five-month, five continent training of the automaker's self-driving system called the Intelligent World Drive that ended at CES earlier this month.

World's first electric 'hypercar' unveiled, and it's the most powerful road legal car ever

The Independent - Tech

The world's most powerful road-legal car has been unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show – and it's electric. The Battista is the first vehicle produced by the Munich-based Automobili Pininfarina and has been described by its makers as "the hypercar of the future". Only 150 Battistas will be built – half of which have already been sold – with delivery beginning in the second half of 2020. We'll tell you what's true. You can form your own view.

Volkswagen partners with Nvidia to expand its use of AI beyond autonomous vehicles


Volkswagen is working with Nvidia to expand its usage of its artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies beyond autonomous vehicles and into other areas of business, the two companies revealed today. VW set up its Munich-based data lab in 2014. Last year it pushed on with the hiring of Prof. Patrick van der Smagt to lead a dedicated AI team that is tasked with taking the technology into areas such as'robotic enterprise,' or use of the technology in enterprise settings. VW wants to use AI and deep learning to power new opportunities within its corporate business functions and, more widely, "in the field of mobility services." As an example, the German car-maker said it is working on procedures to help optimize traffic flow in cities and urban areas, while it sees the potential for intelligent human-robot collaboration, too.

Future Fords will use tech to avoid collisions

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Ford reported a sharp drop in October sales in the U.S. Unit sales declined 12% as passenger car sales slumped. Ford postponed its release on Tuesday due to fire delays at its headquarters in Michigan. Ford is working on a new technology that uses an array of sensors that monitors activity going on behind a car that is backing up and stops it if the driver doesn't notice a pedestrian or another car. SAN FRANCISCO -- Ford Motor is working on a suite of new driver-assist safety features for its production cars that stop short of offering full autonomy. Among the technologies being developed at the automaker's Research and Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany, include camera- and laser-enabled systems that can take over the steering wheel in an emergency to avoid high-speed collisions, as well as mapping-triggered dash alerts that warn drivers they're traveling down a one-way road.