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Cartoon: Scary Big Data


What do Halloween and Big Data have in common? Both can be scary, as the following KDnuggets cartoon shows.

Bonus Daily Cartoon: Fitting

The New Yorker

"If only a twentysomething mega-celebrity/style icon/trailblazing entrepreneur/regular person just like us would weigh in about our country's current ideological crisis in a caption beneath a sexy yet tasteful selfie, then we would know how to feel about it all!"

Cartoon: Teaching Ethics to AI - KDnuggets


Ethics in AI has received significant attention recently, and the new KDnuggets Cartoon examines the problem of teaching ethics to artificially intelligent entities, like self-driving cars.. The human teacher at a blackboard presents a version of the trolley problem to a class of self-driving cars, where a car is facing a choice between hitting a baby in a carriage or 2 pedestrians. A self-driving car is asking: So what should we do? Drive straight and run over a baby or swerve and hit two pedestrians? What if one of the pedestrians is your mother-in-law?

'The Office' got a cartoon makeover thanks to this artist


If you ever wondered what the cast of'The Office' would look like as cartoon characters, Marisa Livingston did just that. The animator created illustrations of 24 cast members of the show, and tweeted them out for our viewing pleasure.