FCC chairman says his agency won't review AT&T's Time Warner purchase


Last month, AT&T revealed how it might structure its deal to acquire Time Warner without having to go through FCC review. The communications giant noted that it "anticipated that Time Warner will not need to transfer any of its FCC licenses ... after the closing of the transaction." That means that the FCC wouldn't need to review the transaction, and today FCC commissioner Ajit Pai confirmed that his agency would indeed not likely look at AT&T's purchase. "That is the regulatory hook for FCC review," Pai said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. "My understanding is that the deal won't be presented to the commission."

In yet another giant media merger, AT&T may be trying to buy Time Warner Inc.

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After its acquisition of satellite television service DirecTV, telephone giant AT&T Inc. might be setting its sights on an even bigger prize, Time Warner Inc. Bloomberg News reported Thursday afternoon that AT&T and Time Warner executives have engaged in preliminary talks about a potential merger or other partnerships. Time Warner shares jumped on news of the talks, closing up 3.75, or 4.7%, to 82.99. The New York media company owns HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS and Hollywood's largest film and TV studio, Warner Bros. Representatives of AT&T and Time Warner declined to comment. Such a combination would transform AT&T, based in Dallas, into a communications and entertainment colossus with multiple distribution outlets -- including one of the nation's largest mobile phone networks -- and some of the most prestigious television channels in the business. Warner Bros. also has a rich library of characters, including DC Comics and such cartoon characters as Scooby-Doo and the Looney Tunes zoo, including Bugs Bunny and Sylvester the Cat.

How China Systematically Pries Technology From U.S. Companies

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Then, 20 investigators from China's antitrust authority showed up. For four days this past December, they fanned out through DuPont's Shanghai offices, demanding passwords to the company's world-wide research network, say people briefed on the raid. Investigators printed documents, seized computers and intimidated employees, accompanying some to the bathroom. Beijing leans on an array of levers to pry technology from American companies--sometimes coercively so, say businesses and the U.S. government. Interviews with dozens of corporate and government officials on both sides of the Pacific, and a review of regulatory and other documents, reveal how systemic and methodical Beijing's extraction of technology has become--and how unfair Chinese officials consider the complaints.

Audi (AUDVF) on Annual Press Conference 2017 - Earnings Call Transcript


In the consumer report, we are number one once again and just like the Q7, in the consumer report it also occupies the first position as the best luxury SUV. And I think this power of the brand makes it possible for us to grow significantly. There are couple of models which have not even be launched yet in this market, models which we already know here, for instance the S4, the A5, and the entirely new A5 Sportback. They are now being launched in the United States. All new models for this market, and I assume that this year once again we are going to experience very solid growth in the United States. And the question so whether we spend more money for this? I can tell you we even spend less money in form of sales discounts because of the powerful brand and the relatively young product portfolio. So you would take the second part?

Elon Musk hits out at Apple saying the firm 'doesn't 'blow people's minds anymore'

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Elon Musk doesn't think Apple is quite the innovator that it used to be. In a wide-ranging interview with Recode, the billionaire tech mogul talked about his often controversial Twitter behavior, how 2018 has been the'worst year of [his] entire career' and Tesla's intense Model 3 manufacturing process, among other things. Musk briefly touched on his thoughts about Apple when talking about which gadgets he feels are making the biggest impact on consumers. In a wide-ranging interview, Elon Musk talked about his controversial Twitter behavior, Tesla's Model 3 manufacturing process and where he sees SpaceX heading next, among other things The Tesla CEO admitted he's an iPhone user, noting that'Apple makes great phones.' But they aren't as mind-blowing as before, Musk said.