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Robots autonomy has been widely focused on in the newspapers with a trend towards anthropomorphism that is likely to mislead people and conceal or disguise the technical reality. This paper aims at reviewing the different technical aspects of robots autonomy. First we propose a definition allowing to distinguish robots from devices that are not robots. Then autonomy is defined and considered as a relative notion within a framework of authority sharing between the decision functions of the robot and the human being. Several technical issues are mentioned according to three points of view: (i) the robot, (ii) the human operator and (iii) the interaction between the operator and the robot. Some key questions that should be carefully dealt with for future robotic systems are given at the end of the paper.

Supporting Dynamic Adaptive Autonomy for Agent-based Systems

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The term h, vel of autononty refers to the type of interactions between an agent and other agents in its system. In well-defined contexts, agents can be designed fur a single level)t" autonomy by predicting Ihe type of problems that will be faced.

Philippine Leader Approves Autonomy Law for Troubled Muslim Region

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The new law gives the new entity, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, political and economic powers that successive governments have promised separatists, in order to halt conflict that has killed about 120,000 people, displaced 2 million, and helped radical Islam gain a foothold in the region.

Boeing Invests in Autonomous Flight Tech Provider Near Earth Autonomy

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Manassas, Virginia-based Aurora has designed, produced and flown more than 30 unmanned air vehicles since its inception and has collaborated with Boeing on prototyping of aircraft and structural assemblies for military and commercial applications during the last decade.

Autonomy Ex-CFO Convicted of Fraud WSJD - Technology

If upheld, the fraud conviction of Sushovan Hussain after a six-week trial in San Francisco would offer some vindication to H-P executives who have long alleged Autonomy's management cooked the books before one of its biggest acquisitions. H-P initially billed the acquisition as key to transforming itself into a software powerhouse and anchor its forays into hot fields like data and analytics. Instead, the deal was an embarrassment for H-P, which took an $8.8 billion charge and grappled with shareholder lawsuits. H-P later split into two companies and sold off parts of Autonomy. The federal jury found Mr. Hussain guilty on 16 separate counts of wire and securities fraud after prosecutors brought charges against him in November 2016 for engaging in a "fraudulent scheme" to deceive Autonomy's investors and H-P about the company's financial health and prospects for growth.