Minnesota Student Group Seeks to Expand Makerspace Access

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Makerspaces are workshops that provide tools and equipment used to build projects and encourage hands-on learning. MSA drafted a resolution showing its support for makerspaces on campus, and suggesting the university make them accessible to all students. The resolution also asks the university to form a committee dedicated to funding makerspaces that are unrestricted by school or major, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Bathroom access on skid row is worse than in a Syrian refugee camp, report says

Los Angeles Times

Homeless people on skid row have less access to bathrooms than Syrian refugees living in a United Nations camp overseas, according to a report released Thursday by a group of homeless service providers, advocates and residents. The report found only nine public toilets open at night for 1,800 homeless people sleeping on skid row sidewalks and alleys. The conditions violate sanitation standards that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees sets for long-term camps, including a Jordan installation for Syrian refugees, the report said. During the day, more bathrooms are open, but the facilities still fall short of UN minimum standards by 64 toilets, the study found. The bathroom crunch has persisted despite 2012 findings by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health that human waste, extreme overcrowding and exposed living conditions in the 50-block skid row district posed an increased risk of meningitis, staph, lice and fungal infections, along with hepatitis A. The health department recommended that the city add toilets and access to soap, water and hand sinks, but skid row is still waiting, the report said.

Leave No Girl Behind helps young African mothers access education

Al Jazeera

Tens of thousands of pregnant girls and teenage mothers across Africa are often denied, banned and discouraged from going to school once their pregnancy is discovered. Human Rights Watch is calling on governments across the continent to "urgently" impose policies that allow these students to stay in school while they are pregnant and to return after giving birth.

Bill Would Expand Access to National Parks for Disabled Vets

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Shaheen, a Democrat, and Collins, a Republican, said under a 2004 law, individuals must be permanently disabled in order to be eligible for a free pass, creating uncertainty on whether all wounded veterans have access to the program. The new bill clarifies the language.