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The Ten Most Dangerous Roads In The World, And How Self-Driving Cars Would Fare


Will self-driving cars be able to cope with highly dangerous roads? Let's talk about dangerous roads. In a moment, I'll provide you with a recently published list of the presumed Top Ten most dangerous roads in the world. For some of you, the odds are that you'll be happy that you've never had a cause to try and traverse these bad-to-the-bone roads, while others of you are probably going to put these alarming roads on your bucket list of places you have to go and give a whirl someday. Do you prefer roads that are calm, easy to navigate, and present little or no qualms?

The Rudest Drivers Tend To Drive These Car Brands, Which AI Self-Driving Cars Ought To 'Keep In Mind'


Driver rudeness seems associated with certain brands, and AI self-driving cars ought to consider ... [ ] this. What kind of car do you drive? I don't mean whether it is a four-door or two-door, nor whether it is red in color or blue. Specifically, what brand of car do you drive? According to various studies (cited in a moment herein), supposedly the brand of car is a telltale indicator of how rude a driver sits behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Self-Driving Cars Likely To Spur Solo Occupancy and Paradoxically Undercut True Ridesharing


Self-driving cars might spark solo occupancy, rather than increasing the number of occupants per ... [ ] trip. Today's ridesharing via Uber and Lyft is supposed to get more people to share rides and therefore cut down on the number of trips made, along with making more efficient use of cars and roadways, plus saving the earth by knocking down the volume of harmful exhaust emissions. Unfortunately, contemporary ridesharing is more akin to ride-hailing than it is to actual ride sharing. By-and-large, people using present-day ridesharing services are taking trips that encompass just one passenger, themselves. They are hailing a ride that will transport themselves, only, and not sharing the ride with any other passengers (a scant one-fifth of the time they opt for sharing a ride).

Making The Case For High-Performance AI Driving Skills In A Self-Driving Car


We'll want high-performance driving skills in self-driving cars. Are you a good driver? Your answer depends upon what the phrase "good driver" means. Across the United States, each state provides various licensing requirements for those that want the privilege to drive a car. Keep in mind that driving is considered a privilege and not some form of constitutional right.

Are Our Roads Ready for Self-Driving Cars?


Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University that examines emerging technologies, public policy, and society. On Monday morning, the inevitable happened: A self-driving car struck and killed a pedestrian for the first time.