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Find gorgeous PC background images every day with Bing Wallpaper


Are you tired of booting your PC each and every workday to the same boring background image? Well, it is, somewhat: We've previously shown you how to personalize your PC, with sounds and themes and custom backgrounds. With Microsoft's theme packs, you choose the background. With Bing Wallpaper, Microsoft's team curates a new photograph to serve as your PC's wallpaper. Somewhat surprisingly, Bing Wallpaper is not an app that you'll find on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft releases tool to update Defender inside Windows install images


Windows 10 security: 'So good, it can block zero-days without being patched' Systems running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update were shielded from two exploits even before Microsoft had issued patches for them, its researchers have found. Microsoft has released on Friday a new tool that will allow system administrators to update the Defender security package inside Windows installation images (WIM or VHD supported). The new tool was created for enterprise environments where workstations and servers are serviced or mass-installed using installation images. Some of these images are reused for months at a time, and the Microsoft Defender (default antivirus) package found inside would usually end up being installed using an out-of-date detection database. The newly installed Windows operating systems would eventually update the Defender package, but Microsoft says that this creates a "protection gap" during which systems could be easily attacked and infected.

Skype updates: New background images for desktop, and background blur for iOS app


Microsoft has rolled out Skype version 8.62 which brings features from Microsoft Teams to the Skype video-calling experience. Skype on the desktop now offers users a catalogue of preset images from which to choose as the default background. This builds on the existing capability for users to upload their own background image. Microsoft rolled out custom background features in Teams this June and has offered background blur effects for some time. However, while it can hide a messy room, Microsoft says the background effects don't guarantee to hide sensitive information from others on a meeting.

Leaked image reveals Microsoft's new Xbox controller for accessibility


Microsoft is reportedly working on a new Xbox controller for accessibility. The controller includes two oversized A and B pads, a d-pad, and the usual Xbox button and navigation controls. Windows Central reports that the new Xbox controller, designed for accessibility, will likely be unveiled at E3 next month. An image of the controller has leaked online thanks to Twitter user WalkingCat. The leaked image shows what looks like programmable A and B pads, with a three-light LED indicator that we first saw on the second-generation Xbox One Elite controller leak.

Microsoft's New Image Captioning AI is More Accurate than Humans


AI researchers at Microsoft reached a major milestone this week: they managed to create a new "artificial intelligence system" that is, in many cases, actually better than a human at describing the contents of a photo. This could be a huge boon for blind and sight-impaired individuals who rely on screen readers and "alt text" when viewing images online. While this might seem like one part of the prequel to Skynet, the development of a better image captioning AI has a lot of potential benefits, and warrants a bit of (cautious) celebration. As Microsoft explains on its blog: "[this] breakthrough in a benchmark challenge is a milestone in Microsoft's push to make its products and services inclusive and accessible to all users." That's because accurate automatic image captioning is used widely to create so-called "alt text" for images on the Internet--that's the text that screen readers use to describe an image to sight-impaired individuals who rely on these accessibility options to make the most of their time online or when using certain apps on their smartphones.