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10 insights for cultivating a happy workforce through learning MATRIX Blog


These words of wisdom found their way to that part of my brain responsible with long-term memory after watching RIO 2. There was something about that toucan that made this phrase stick. Couple this philosophy with the idea that interviewing and recruiting talent is just like dating and the fact that full time employees spend more time at work than with their spouses at home, and I think you'll agree that working relationships between employees and employers are a lot like marriage. It's not uncommon for companies to take employees for granted and think that just because they are on payroll they will always give 110% or that they will be loyal forever and ever. When all companies want is to take, take, take and think that employees should only give, give, give, their relationship will eventually suffer and their employee turnover rate will get big, big, big. But when both parties treat each other right, and play with all cards on the table, things change.

Why every LMS should have a responsive design MATRIX Blog


To go responsive, or not to go responsive? That is actually not the question. In the multi-device, multi-screen world of the workplace, the question is not whether or not to adopt a responsive design for any business website, but rather when to do that. With increasing numbers of mobile devices used by everyone, more and more business problems solved or eased by these devices in the workplace, and higher demands and expectations from the modern, mobile employees, it's only a matter of time until responsive design will take over the virtual world. Businesses need to adapt to this reality and make efforts to provide a total mobile user experience for their employees.

4 Learning and Development Trends That Will Shape Your 2019


The pace of technological change is accelerating every year. How can you empower your teams to perform in such a fast-paced environment? To help you prepare for the changes to come in 2019, we've put together a list of the top learning and development trends you need to know about. You may find yourself using multiple devices on any given day. Training must be accessible and responsive across multiple devices; learners should be provided with a seamless, flexible learning experience on any device and at any time.

PaycomVoice: LMS 101: Why Technology is Crucial to Onboarding

Forbes - Tech

A staggering one third of new hires leave their position within the first six months, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Reasons for quitting include not receiving clear guidelines regarding their responsibilities, inadequate training and lack of an effective and engaging onboarding process. If you want to avoid employee retention pitfalls, consider how a learning management system (LMS) could play a valuable role in eliminating many new-hire challenges, turning disenfranchised employees into employee advocates who aid in driving impactful business results. An LMS is a software-based platform that provides the framework and tools needed for online training and learning. The system enables users to deliver, manage and track online learning content.

Online Training Infographic Engaging the Modern Learner


Today's modern employees put great value on continuous learning opportunities at work. They are willing to put in all the effort to develop their careers, but they also have high expectations from any training course they attend. So what can L&D departments do about getting them engaged in the learning process and make the most out of each training session? Training and learning doesn't happen just in a classic training setting, at fixed schedules. It needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere.