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Believe It: Temperature Went From Minus 4 to 45 in 2 Minutes

U.S. News

Monday marks the 75th anniversary of a startling weather event that put a western South Dakota city in the record books: In just two minutes, the temperature in Spearfish jumped from negative 4 degrees (-20 Celsius) to 45 degrees (7 Celsius) on Jan. 22, 1943.

5 children killed in South Dakota house fire

FOX News

An early morning house fire in western South Dakota Saturday killed five children who may have been attending a sleepover, according to reports. The victims, ages 6 to 9, died after the fire broke out around 4:30 a.m. in a multi-family home in Spearfish, near the Wyoming border. "What we've seen this morning is an unspeakable horror," Spearfish Police Lt. Boyd Dean said, according to KELO-TV. The station posted a video in which fire officials said at a news briefing that they heard there was a sleepover at the house, but weren't sure. Authorities said adults were home at the time.

Is 'Buckhorn, South Dakota' a real place? What we know about the other 'Twin Peaks'


Just four episodes in, Showtime's revival of Twin Peaks has already broken all kinds of Twin Peaks rules. There's music not composed by Angelo Badalamenti, the Man From Another Place has evolved into a talking tree, Sheriff Harry S. Truman is nowhere in sight and Agent Cooper is definitely not himself right now. But the biggest difference fans will notice about the new Twin Peaks: Most of it takes place outside of Twin Peaks. SEE ALSO: There's reason to believe David Bowie could make a'Twin Peaks' cameo The original 1990-91 show was contained within the fictional border town in the northeastern corner of Washington state -- the exception being when the gang crossed over into Canada to visit notorious casino-slash-brothel One Eyed Jack's. But for Season 3, David Lynch has expanded his horizons: to New York City, for one of the new season's most terrifying sequences, and to another, altogether fictional town.