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In Mad Men, businesses flock to Sterling Cooper and Don Draper's advertising prowess to create mind-blowing ads that help sell their products and services. That may have worked well in the 1960s, but maybe not so much now since everyone's eyes are glued to screens instead of billboards and print ads. SEE ALSO: Google's record-breaking fine isn't hurting the company very much Now that almost everything revolves around the internet, traditional advertising won't suffice. A surefire way to get noticed is through Google Adwords, which can help you rise up the ranks of Google search and of course, generate more leads and revenue. Running ads through the platform isn't as easy as it seems though.

Google's expanded text ad beta goes live


Google's beta for expanded text ads has gone live and the experiment and how companies are chosen by vertical are interesting talking points to ponder. Search Engine Land in April reported that AdWords is experimenting with expanded ads now that the right side of the results page isn't being used. The idea is that AdWords will give you more copy in the same real estate. The expanded ads were in a closed beta and it's unclear how many companies were in it. One thing is certain though: The new ads will improve quality score for marketers in the rollout.

4 AdWords Hacks That Could Dramatically Increase Your ROI Overnight


By now, you should be well aware of Google AdWords' capabilities of scaling your business. If you use it effectively, it can improve your brand awareness and considerably boost your leads and revenue. The problem with AdWords is that it can be a bit expensive. There are so many factors that you need to consider that it's easy to end up spending more than you've planned. And, unless you have an unlimited marketing budget, you probably don't enjoy wasting money for no reason.

PPC Ad Management by Google Adwords Certified


Understanding the intricacies of how your audience interacts with your Google Adwords, Facebook and Bing ads, knowing when and how to tweak your ads, and organizing your campaign in a way that will help you understand what should be changed can become a full time job if you don't have the experience. PPC Management is not as simple as Google Adwords would have you believe. Running a successful, lucrative campaign that helps grow your business can quickly become a project that requires your full attention. Instead of spending your precious time managing one aspect of your marketing initiative, let me handle it for you. Take advantage of my years of experience handling pay per click management and Google Adwords campaigns for a multitude of clients ranging from very small niches to large markets that experience fierce competition.