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Health Officials Say Ohio Flu Hospitalizations Are Up

U.S. News

The agency says those numbers are above the five-year average for December and higher than last year, which saw 19 flu-related hospitalizations during the same week and 83 hospitalizations overall for the period.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Still Dropping in Louisiana

U.S. News

Reported COVID-19 hospitalizations totaled d 813, down from 836 a day earlier. The state has begun easing economically devastating restrictions on business and public gatherings because of factors such as the declining percentage of new cases relative to a growing number of tests, and a steady drop in hospitalizations.

Hospitalizations Rising Among the Homeless

U.S. News

"We think this is related to aging of the homeless population and, potentially, the rise of the opioid epidemic," Wadhera said. "Strikingly, more than half of hospitalizations for homeless adults were for mental health and substance use disorders, which we suspect reflects limited access to and coordination of behavioral health services."

Is 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Coming To An End? Filming Shut Down Over Kanye West Hospitalization

International Business Times

Could this be the end of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians?" Production has been shut down on the long-running reality series for the second time this month, leading many to wonder about the fate of the E! TV show. TMZ reported Tuesday that producers have stopped filming for "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" following Kanye West's hospitalization. The outlet said the plan was to film the famous family during the holidays, but that won't be happening anymore. Sources claim production has been halted for the remainder of the year, and there's no word on when filming may resume.

Jerry Lewis hospitalized

FOX News

Jerry Lewis is recovering after he was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection at a Las Vegas hospital Friday. A rep for the comedian told Fox News Monday he is "making progress" and "the antibiotics are doing their job." Lewis is expected to to be released shortly and travel to Toronto later this week to shoot a movie as scheduled. The 91-year-old has previously dealt with health issues including a 2012 hospitalization for blood sugar and a 2011 hospitalization for exhaustion.