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The Future of Mobile App Security: What It Will Look Like In 5 Years - Appknox Mobile App Security, Resources, Best Practices & News


Cybersecurity defense systems will need to become more sophisticated in order to cope with huge amounts of data. First, we will need to interconnect our defense systems to be able to act in real time. For example, our network gateway will need to share information with our personal devices. Second, the human analyst will not be able to cope with all this information and we will rely on more artificial intelligence to help us in making decisions. We will also need to cultivate the next generation of cyber experts who know how to develop and drive those systems.

Why Now is a Great Time for a Career in Cybersecurity - Appknox Mobile App Security, Resources, Best Practices & News


Without a doubt, a career in cybersecurity is very bright in today's circumstances. Anyone who is thinking about this should definitely start thinking more seriously and the ones who are already in it should dig deeper. The statistics are in favor of a bright career in cybersecurity going ahead. According to ISACA, a non-profit information security advocacy group, by 2019 there will be a global shortage of 2 million cybersecurity professionals. If you've ever considered a career in cybersecurity, now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity to protect the world from cyberattacks.

How to Hire a Rockstar Security Researcher For Your Company - Appknox Mobile App Security, Resources, Best Practices & News


Cyber-attacks are on the rise..each day..every day. There are no two ways about it. We have said this time and again that Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world. And the key to winning against cybersecurity threats is to incorporate security proactively and religiously into their overall business process strategies. One important aspect of developing a good cybersecurity strategy is to hire security researcher for your business.

Global Analysis Of Mobile Security In E-commerce Apps - Appknox Report


According to eMarketer, the global e-commerce market is projected to surpass a staggering $3.5 Trillion within the next 5 years. As e-commerce slowly but surely makes its way to revolutionizing our lifestyles and businesses, it is imperative to understand not only the potential but also the security threats of businesses and individuals in this unpredictable evolving eco-system of mobile security in e-commerce apps. The introduction of mobile technology roughly about 30 years ago has taken the concept of convenience to another level. Mobile technology ever since continues to evolve every day and with the introduction of the mobile app world, it just seems like it couldn't get any easier. As consumers get more educated and inclined towards using mobile services each day, we observe a rather high rise in global mobile e-commerce transactions each year.

Mobile App Security Trends We Expect to See in 2019 - Appknox Mobile App Security, Resources, Best Practices & News


The digital world has infinite possibilities and benefits that come along with it. As it progresses, people are quite content with giving away their preferences in exchange for a personalized experience that makes everything more convenient and simpler. The digital space continues to garner a lot of trust from users who blindly accept terms and conditions, who unknowingly download viruses, or open themselves up to hackers. Mobile security has seen rampant upgrades over the years. However, malware and viruses have kept up the pace.