Pakistan continues partial opening of airspace amid India crisis

Al Jazeera

Pakistan's civil aviation authority said on Sunday it was allowing restricted operations at the Allama Iqbal international airport in the eastern city of Lahore. This comes after partial operations at Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and the capital, Islamabad, resumed on Friday. Other airports in Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab province and the interior Sindh region remained closed on Sunday. The travel restrictions are expected to be lifted on Monday at 1pm local time (08:00 GMT), according to the country's civil aviation authority . International and domestic air travel in the region has been widely disrupted, with several airports in Pakistan and India shut, flights rerouted and suspended, amid fears of a major military escalation between the South Asian nations.

Wigs and parting gifts for O'Reilly, and Islamabad airport scuffle

BBC News

Some social media users react to Bill O'Reilly's with joy while others come to his defence, and Pakistanis comment on videos showing a fight between a female constable and two passengers at Islamabad airport. Some Twitter users are celebrating online following Fox News' decision to drop presenter Bill O'Reilly over sexual harassment claims. However, many have also criticised the "targeting" of the host as a "typical spineless liberal move". O'Reilly, 67, said the claims were "completely unfounded" although more than 50 sponsors have withdrawn ads from his show. Members of the African-American community on Twitter, including author and film maker Tariq Nasheed hit out at the host: "On behalf of the black community, I present Bill with a James Brown wig as a parting gift."

Manchester Airport pipe bomb plot: Nadeem Muhammad guilty

BBC News

A man has been found guilty of trying to smuggle a pipe bomb on to a plane at Manchester Airport. The "crude improvised explosive device" was found in Nadeem Muhammad's luggage as he passed security on 30 January. There have been calls for an inquiry after police initially failed to detect the device was "potentially viable" and he was allowed to board a plane. Muhammad was found guilty of possessing explosives with intent to endanger life at Manchester Crown Court. The 43-year-old, of Tinline Street, was born in Pakistan and holds an Italian passport.

Body of Japanese doctor gunned down in Afghanistan arrives in Japan

The Japan Times

CHIBA/KABUL – The body of Japanese physician Tetsu Nakamura, a devoted aid worker who was gunned down in Afghanistan last week, was brought back to Japan on Sunday by members of his family. They arrived at Narita International Airport, in Chiba Prefecture, and are scheduled to fly to Fukuoka from Tokyo's Haneda airport on Monday morning. Before they left Afghanistan on Saturday, the Afghan government held a ceremony at an airport in Kabul, with President Ashraf Ghani joining soldiers to carry Nakamura's coffin wrapped by the country's flag toward a plane. The 73-year-old Nakamura, who headed the Peshawar-kai aid group based in the city of Fukuoka, and five Afghans including his driver were killed Wednesday as armed men attacked their vehicle in Jalalabad, in the eastern province of Nangarhar. His wife and eldest daughter arrived in the Afghan capital Friday and met with Ghani.

Pakistan Airline Issued An Apology After Leaving Two Corpses Behind

International Business Times

Pakistan International Airlines issued an apology Wednesday after leaving behind two corpse-filled coffins. The coffins were intended to be flown to Lahore, Pakistan, on Saturday, but they were mistakenly forgotten at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. The route was suspended due to financial losses, which means passengers would have to fly into London and take Etihad Airlines. The airline also placed blame on its ground-handling staff. Relatives of one of the dead men, Nauman Badar, had asked for his body to be buried in Maryland.