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Czeslaw Milosz's Battle for Truth

The New Yorker

In July, 1950, Czeslaw Milosz, the cultural attaché at the Polish Embassy in Washington, D.C., received a letter from Jerzy Putrament, the general secretary of the Polish Writers' Union. The two men had known each other for many years--they had been contributors to the same student magazine in college, in the early nineteen-thirties--but their paths had diverged widely. Now the arch-commissar of Polish literature told the poet, "I heard that you are to be moved to Paris. . . . I am happy that you will be coming here, because I have been worried about you a little: whether the splendor of material goods in America has overshadowed poverty in other aspects of life." The language was polite, even confiding, but the message could not have been clearer. Milosz, who had been working as a diplomat in the United States for four years, was no longer considered trustworthy by his superiors. He was being transferred to Paris so that he would be within reach of Warsaw. Sure enough, a few days before Christmas, Milosz was summoned back to Poland, and his passport was confiscated.

What Is A Social Media Audit And How To Conduct One


A Social Media Audit is like giving your business a physical. It makes sure that your business's health and wellness are completely up to date. You can check to see that everything is working the way it should be. Better yet, you receive detailed insights with regards to your social media successes and failures. It is an absolutely necessary part of any company.

Elisa Gonzalez Reads Czeslaw Milosz

The New Yorker

Elisa Gonzalez joins Kevin Young to read "Gathering Apricots," by Czeslaw Milosz, translated by Robert Hass, and her own poem "Failed Essay on Privilege." Gonzalez was recently a Fulbright scholar in Poland, and her work has received support from the Norman Mailer Foundation and the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference.

Schneiderman scandal: When politics takes precedence over physical safety we need to wake up

FOX News

The state attorney general has resigned after four women have accused him of physical abuse. A report by Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer Monday in the New Yorker Magazine laid out shocking accusations against New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and forced his resignation a few hours later. For New Yorkers, it was a strange flashback to the tumultuous tenure of Eliot Spitzer, who held the New York attorney general position for two terms before becoming governor. Spitzer stayed in office until he was caught patronizing prostitutes and forced to resign ten years ago last month. Like Spitzer, Schneiderman was the great liberal hope.

Peruvian queen's face reconstructed after 1,200 years

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The weathered face of a Peruvian queen buried with a vast trove of jewels and treasure 1,200 years ago has been reconstructed for the first time.