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Uber tests its own traffic estimates as it moves beyond cars


Uber has used Google traffic data to estimate conditions in the past, but the company is now trying to go its own way. The ridesharing firm told TechCrunch that it's expanding a previously low-key test that relies on its own traffic data. Fire up the passenger app (it's already in use by all drivers) and you'll see a color-coded representation of traffic along your potential route, calculated both through historical trip info and real-time info from drivers' phones. The company has already been sharing its data with city officials since 2017, but that was to help with urban planning efforts. A spokesperson wasn't shy about the main reason for the experiment: it's about making an informed choice about your method of transportation, including when you'd be better off using a bike or scooter.

Very good dog waits for traffic light before crossing the street


Please do your best to ignore the annoying music plastered over this great video of a very good dog obeying traffic laws. While stray Russian dogs have been documented using Moscow's complex subway system, a dog was recently spotted in the country obeying traffic laws. In the clip, a dog walks up to a crosswalk and patiently waits until the light turns green before calmly crossing the street. The best part is that right as the dog walks up, a human seizes the opportunity to cross the street before the light changes and jaywalks across the street. Apparently you can't teach an old human basic traffic laws.

Officer Injured, Suspect Killed After Meridian Traffic Stop

U.S. News

Lavey says Meridian officers tried to stop a suspect on an outstanding felony warrant around 1:40 p.m. Sunday. The man ran from the black Dodge Durango and shot at officers as they pursued him. One officer was shot in the legs but returned fire, killing the suspect.

2 injured in Italy when small plane crashes on train tracks

FOX News

ANSA said the plane crashed as it was making a landing, ending up on a high-speed rail line and blocking train traffic. The cause wasn't immediately known. An official said that two trains that were nearby were able to stop in time. The Italian State Railway said the crash didn't damage the line and that traffic would be able to resume normally once the aircraft is removed. The railway said that in the meantime, traffic was being diverted to other tracks, creating delays of up to an hour.

What would be weirder than a bear sitting in traffic? One playing a horn.


The chances of seeing a bear chilling in traffic are pretty low considering they're wild animals and all. Well this video from Russia has a bear casually sitting in a motorcycle sidecar playing the horn. I'm not sure what's more bizarre, the fact that it seems so calm, the fact that it's playing the horn, or the fact that someone even had a bear in a sidecar in the first place. Someone added Carl Johnson from'GTA' to'Zelda' and this is what art looks like Netflix's new Adam Sandler movie looks ... good? Jon Bernthal gets his hands dirty in first full'Punisher' trailer