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Amazon-owned Whole Foods ends partnership with Instacart

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Long airport lines are a big pain, but soon there could be one retail place where you won't have to wait it out. Whole Foods will no longer be working with Instacart, the grocery delivery company announced. The move comes a little over a year after Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Amazon has its own delivery service called AmazonFresh. Whole Foods and Instacart began working together in 2014.

Coronavirus Prompts Instacart and Amazon Strikes Over Health Concerns

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Signaling both growing anxiety and growing solidarity brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, workers in a variety of occupations across the country are protesting what they see as inadequate safety measures and insufficient pay for the risks they are confronting. On Monday, a contingent of workers who fulfill orders for the grocery delivery service Instacart stayed off the job, demanding greater pay and better access to paid leave and disinfectant. A group of workers walked off the job at an Amazon warehouse in Staten Island on Monday, and a sickout called by Whole Foods Market workers is set for Tuesday. Last week, nurses in the Bronx protested a lack of protective equipment, and sanitation employees in Pittsburgh staged a protest over working conditions. Labor experts and union organizers said anxieties related to the pandemic appeared to be widely shared among front-line workers across different companies, job categories and classifications.

Sam's Club expands same-day grocery delivery through Instacart


Sam's Club, Walmart's members-only warehouse stores, will start offering same-day grocery delivery at half of its US locations by the end of October. The service will expand this month to more than 100 Sam's Club locations, serving nearly 1,000 zip codes. To get the groceries to your doorstep, Sam's Club has been working with Instacart. The two first partnered up back in February to offer same-day delivery from just a couple Sam's Club locations. The service has expanded since then, and Sam's Club will offer it at more than 350 stores before the calendar flips to November.

Instacart to expand services in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties

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Instacart is bringing its grocery delivery service to 1 million additional households in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. The expansion, rolling out Tuesday, reflects demand in a region where Instacart already serves nearly 2 million households, said Instacart senior regional director Sean Twersky. "Not only do we see demand but we think we are at a point where we have great relationships with our partners and can really expand without losing the quality our customers are accustomed to," Twersky said. The company will bring on an additional 300 shoppers to help fill the orders. The 5-year-old San Francisco company built its business by partnering with brick-and-mortar stores -- including Stater Bros., Smart & Final, Costco, Petco and Whole Foods -- and contracting shoppers who collect the items and delivery drivers who drop orders off at a customer's home or office in less than an hour.

North Dakota Colleges Expand Student Transfer Partnership

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School officials say the agreement signed Monday will make it easier for students to go from earning a two-year degree to a bachelor's degree. They say the need for two-year programs is likely to grow in the coming years, along with workforce demand for graduates.