Vysor allows you to mirror multiple Android devices


Google developer, Koush, announced an update to his popular device mirroring app Vysor on Thursday that will enable users to share multiple android screens to a PC, Linux or Mac simultaneously and then grant remote access to the device farm. The new "Share All" feature works just like the original Vysor Share: you plug the Android into the computer via a USB cable, install the visor app and activate it to mirror the Android screen to the computer. However, Share All takes that process a step further by allowing the user to link multiple handsets to a computer and then use it as a shared server which multiple people can remotely access.

Over One Million Google Accounts Hit by Malicious Android Apps

WSJ.com: WSJD - Technology

Malicious software disguised as legitimate apps for Android smartphones and tablets has seized control of more than one million Google accounts since August, according to research from security firm Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. The apps had innocent-sounding names, such as StopWatch, Perfect Cleaner and WiFi Enhancer. But they exploited known flaws in older versions of the Android operating system to take control of devices...

Nokia got better at Android phones, fast


In case you forgot, Nokia's new 6, 5 and 3 aren't actually the company's first Android devices. Many years ago, it made a mistake the Nokia X. It wasn't really aimed at western markets and (if you ever got to play with one), it wasn't really all that good. Fortunately, this second attempt demonstrates that the company's far more serious with Android, with a classy Scandinavian design notes and an unobtrusive (and importantly up to date) mobile operating system. All the devices clock in at under $250, too, which means Nokia's taking aim at the mid-range smartphone heartland.

ISIS worries that fake Android apps are spying on its ranks


ISIS' attempts to disseminate its extreme message through mobile apps might be backfiring. Motherboard has learned that the group is warning members of fake, malware-laden versions of its Android apps that allegedly spy on users. While it's not clear who's creating the apps (besides "dubious sources"), it's implied that at least one government is trying to snoop on ISIS through unsuspecting members. Those militants can't just stick to'official' sources to be safe, either -- ISIS' official channels frequently go down, so many of those backing the group's hateful cause have no choice but to go through unofficial routes.

Microsoft Launcher offers 'Continue on PC' option for Android phones


Microsoft is taking a step to make bridging your life between your phone and PC a little easier, at least for Android users. Today they announced Microsoft Launcher, which gives you the option to "Continue on PC," allowing you to work seamlessly between your Android phone and Windows computer. Android phones allow users to customize what's called a "launcher" that appears when you press the Home button -- a feature that iPhone doesn't have. Microsoft Launcher, which is based on Fluent design, allows you to further customize what you see. In addition to "Continue on PC," you can place icons of your favorite people on your home screen.